Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Waiting for the Sea Eagles

The Fed-ex tracking indicated our new boats would arrive yesterday.  Unfortunately, we didn’t know exactly what time, so we had to stay home all day and wait….and wait…and wait.

It was a cloudless, sunny day and a little cooler than it had been.  It never hit 70 degrees so we didn’t have to turn on the a/c for a change.

Al is really getting to be a computer nerd with his new iPad.  He is really enjoying reading his newspapers and sports pages on it.  I think we made a good choice.  It’s definitely a learning curve as I have never used anything from Apple and only the Microsoft Windows based programs.  I somehow copied some text…but not sure how!  I can’t figure out how to get the file save, cut, copy, paste, and other normal functions.  The online manual is no help in that respect.  I’m trying to learn this stuff, but for now Al can do what ever he needs to and he is very happy with it.  At this point, I prefer my laptop, but I can see some advantages of the iPad as well.

Al worked on cleaning and organizing a few storage bins in the afternoon.  I managed to sit outside and read my book for awhile.  I’m trying to read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”  I’ve heard that it’s a really good book, but I tell you, it’s slow getting into.  Normally I would not have bothered, but I heard so much about the book, I decided to keep plugging away.  I think I finally have gotten interested in it, after over 100 pages.

We had hoped the kayaks would come early and we could take a short  paddle, but by 5pm, we finally started to lose hope of getting them.  Al remembered that this rv park is gated and after 5pm the office is closed, so there would be no one to let them in.  He went up to the gate for a while to let them in if they came…no show.

We finally decided to call Fed-ex and were told the driver was still out and they would get a message to him.  We gave them out phone number to call and we’d meet him at the gate.  At 8pm, still no call or packages so Al called again.  It turned out he left them at the office and didn’t have to get in the gate.  So we picked them up and went home.  It was so dark by then that we didn’t even open them.

As soon as we have some breakfast (and I drag Al off of his iPad) we’ll open the boxes and inflate them.  I guess we’ll go kayaking today!!  It looks like another beautiful sunny day, but it’s going to be much warmer.

I have been worried about little Squeaky.  She is eating ravenously which helps the liver recover, and is a good sign, but I feel it’s mostly because of the Prednisone she is taking. The vet says Prednisone increases appetite in dogs and people, but not usually cats…but I disagree.  It’s a good thing though as eating very often is part of her treatment.  I noticed the skin on her white belly is still yellow (jaundice).  I talked to the vet and he said it was okay, that it would take weeks for that to improve.  Anyway, finally I’ve seen some improvement.  She is normally a “talker” and very loving towards me.  She always sleeps with us.  Since she’s been sick, she hasn’t been talking, never sleeps with us, and pretty much keeps to herself.  She is finally starting to act a little more like herself, so I’m encouraged.  

Status on house sale.

We’re going back and forth with the potential buyers.  They have come up $15k over their initial lowball offer.  Apparently,  they are interested, but I don’t know if we can reach an agreement.  We’ll see.  It would be nice to get it sold and get on with our fulltiming life!


  1. Try this site: http://www.dvdtoipads.com/ipad-resources.html

  2. Looking forward to seeing those new kayaks in the water and to hear how you like them.

  3. Enjoy the new kayaks, what a bummer you had to wait all day for the delivery. Look forward to hearing how you like them and following along with you on your excursion with them.

  4. Can't wait to hear your verdict on the kayaks.

    Glad to hear that Squeaky is doing better. Hope she keeps on improving.

    Good luck on the house offer.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new Sea Eagles! We love our Sea Eagle but we didn't get the kayaks so we'll be interested in hearing how you like yours.

    Good luck with the house! Hope things work out.

  6. Is that like a watched pot never boils? Glad they finally arrived! Hope you had a good day on the water today.

    Keep us posted on the sale of the house.

    It's good to hear something is happening.


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