Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sold the Kayaks – Offer on House

I decided to post the kayaks on the Space Coast and the Zephyrhills Craigs list, thinking we’d be back to Zephyrhills next week.


I expected it to take some time to get them sold.

Maybe we should have waited until we received our new Sea Eagles, but we never dreamed they would sell so fast.  We knew we’d have better luck here in Florida than back in Georgia.

We got several responses, and first thing this morning my brown kayak sold.  A little while ago Al’s pretty blue one sold too.  We listed them for $425 and neither buyer quibbled on the price. Dang…we should have asked more :)  I think we paid around $600 for them 6 or 7 years ago, so I guess we did okay.

We’re determined we will like the new kayaks and that we didn’t want to hassle with the space and weight issue of the old boats.  So for now we are boatless!  ( except for the fishing boat at home)

Our new kayaks are in Cocoa, Florida now to be delivered Monday.  Can’t wait!

We had a good day exploring yesterday and I took lots of pics…will post later.  The water was so pretty and clear.  I love this area!

We got an email from our Realtor with another lowball offer on the house.  She feels these people are better candidates then the last ones and that we should make a counter offer and hopefully get them to come up.  We have some wiggle room in our price so we dropped our price and made a counter offer.  This is a retired couple with a paid off house.  They are wanting to buy another place…for whatever reason.  Hopefully financing won’t be a problem  if we can come to an agreement.  We’ll see.  The Realtor said the housing marked in our area has gotten real bad and suggests we work with these people to try to get it sold.  Of course our contract with her is running out so she is wanting to sell it no matter what.  I have always had a good feeling that it would sell when the time was right.  We didn’t want a sale to mess up our Florida maybe now the time is right!


  1. I've got my fingers crossed for you! :)

  2. Wow - your kayaks went fast. That's always a good thing. Keeping fingers crossed, also, that the buyers will come up to your price.

  3. Maybe your 2 good deeds are paying off! Kayaks sold and an offer on your house. Coincidence? Maybe not!

  4. Sounds like a good deal after six years of use.

  5. If the offer is right, don't worry about cutting you vacation short. You will just be back as soon as it closes. If you have any hesitation, just think about all the delightful hours you will be spending cutting the grass if it doesn't sell now.

  6. WOW; the kayaks sold fast-great news. That is less you have to carry around in the motorhome. Good luck on the house deal too.

  7. Glad you got one kayak sold so quickly and it seemed like you got a good price for it. Hope you are as lucky with the house. It's time to get it sold now.

  8. Great news on the kayaks. Here's to hoping that this couple is the "right" one to buy your home.

  9. What great news! We hope the you can negotiate as good a price for your home as you did your kayaks.


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