Thursday, March 24, 2011

Someone Invaded My Campsite

Last evening, Al was down by the house working, while I was “upstairs”  in the motor home fixing dinner and getting my shower.  The motor home is up on a hill a pretty good distance from the house.

I decided to walk down and get him.  So down I walked in my jammies.  Hey, that’s one of the benefits of living in the country :) 

I got about half way there when I noticed a truck in the driveway.  I debated for a few minutes whether or not it was Al’s truck, but finally decided it wasn’t.   Oops..better go back up and get some clothes on.   I called Al on his cell and he confirmed we had visitors! 

The way our property is, there is a dirt road that runs parallel to the south side of the property but we have a private driveway through the woods that we use.  Most people don’t know you can also get to our property by the dirt road. There is a gate with a no trespassing sign by our private driveway.  We haven’t had any problem with anyone coming onto the property…other than UPS or FedEx, so we don’t close or lock the gate.  (until now)

We had an ad in the local weekly paper for our garage sale this week-end,  and these two guys saw the ad and decided to come on in and see what we had.  We weren’t too happy about that, but they bought a ladder and may be interested in the boat.

We will be locking the gate from now on.

The good thing is that they own a business in town where they buy and resell furniture and other things.  The one guy is a collector and since we have lots of stuff, he may be a good guy to know.   They have a cousin that is an auctioneer and he will sell your things at auction if you like.  They are interested in purchasing furniture, boat, mower and a lot of other things.  I realize they won’t be offering top dollar, but at least it’s a back up plan for the things that don’t sell quickly.

I put our phone number in the ad (for directions) and have been getting calls about some of the items.  That  was a mistake and on sale number 2, the phone number won’t be on it.

I also listed some stuff on Craig’s List yesterday and have gotten a few responses.  I guess things are starting!  I’m a little hesitant on selling things like our bed and bedroom furniture until after the 31st when the buyers “due diligence” period ends.  Once we get some word on their financing and the due diligence is over, I’ll be more comfortable selling those types of things.  We can certainly live here in the motor home, but if this deal falls though, we could end up not selling for months or even years, so I hate to sell the things we really would need.    The problem with that is if it does go through, this stuff needs to all be gone. 

Yesterday started with me at the dentist to finish up a crown that I started in December.  The doc glue down the temporary real well since I’d be out of town and he had a devil of a time getting it off.  At one point he said I had 3 hands in my mouth!  He also filled two cavities and by the time I left, I felt like I’d been beaten up.

Al had been busy while I was gone and gotten the yellow pollen cleaned from both porches and was working on raking the leaves in the front. 

Poor Al, was worn out by the end of the day.  We’re making progress, but there is so much more to do.

I did laundry and boy does it take longer when you can only do one load at a time :)  Yes, that is the advantage to the Laundromat.   I took advantage of my clothesline and now everything has that nice fresh smell.

Our weather has been unseasonably hot here with the temp getting up to 87 yesterday.  That’s one thing I like about Georgia.  The spring and fall last longer than in Tampa.  This year it’s been way too hot for this early.  The Wisteria blooms have really taken a beating from the dry hot days.

Here are a few pictures of the Wisteria and flowering trees and shrubs.  I wish you could smell the wonderful fragrant Wisteria.  It has the most unusual fragrance and you can smell it all over the property.








Crabapple bloom

Crabapple bloom


Dogwood Blooms

Wild Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies

We have really enjoyed living here and being around the beauty.  However, it’s a lot of work and we’re at the point we don’t want to work this hard. It’s especially hard on Al as he has to do most of the more physical labor.  We will miss our little house in the woods but we will be very happy to start our new life.  We can find beauty everywhere and that beauty can change from week to week.  We will miss our birds and wildlife, but we always have birds when we camp.  Normally the first thing that gets done when we get to a campsite is put some bird food out.   I keep remembering a trip last summer at Ochlockonee River State Park where we had a very friendly family of dear (including small fawn), and white and gray squirrels.  It was a wonderful trip.

Al I and I are “water people” and we need to be closer to it.  This place is just a little too far from the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic or “good” rivers.  So I’m sure we’ll be happy  in our new life.

Another busy day starts…..


  1. There are many advantages to living in the country but getting late unexpected/uninvited visitors is not one of them.

    Looks like spring has arrived with flowering plants everywhere. Enjoy them while you can.

  2. The year has come full circle. I remember you were writing about the wisteria last year when I first found your Georgia Living blog.

    I wonder were we will all be next year at this time.

    You may have a full year of full timing under your wheels and we may be hoping for the sale of our house.

    Time will tell ...

  3. Beautiful springtime blooms!! I so agree about the smells wonderful! :-)

  4. That wisteria sure is prurty. Me and Nilda once had a wisteria vine, so I knows how it can be a leavin' all that beauty ahind. The thing to remember is that yer a startin' off on yer own new life, and their'll be some folks a wantin' to tell ya how to live it, but in the end, only you and what you want to do, will matter.

  5. nice shots of the springtime blooms, Karen!..good luck with selling all your 'stuff'!!

  6. Nice pics today! Late visitors can be unnerving for sure!

  7. Good post - glad you know that you will get to see more beauty in your future travels. Your GA property is so pretty in the spring. You can visit different areas of the US each spring to see a lot of variety.

    I don't like late night uninvited visitors either...but if they come bearing money for stuff, WELCOME.

  8. I lived by the beach and then moved to the country and always missed the water. One of the great things about being on the road is that you can move from water to water. But it is hard to give up your own little piece of secluded heaven and the beautiful spring time blooms you know so well.

    Looks like you are making great progress toward getting out from under all the work that I know goes with country living. Congratulations!



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