Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day and Credit Reports

Today is Veteran's Day and a good day to remember all the veterans out there.  My Father and Father- in- Law were both veterans.  Unfortunately both of them are gone now.  Al and I met while on the island of Guam where both of our dads were serving in the Air Force.  It was the height of the Viet Nam war and Guam was a very busy place.  If not for the Air Force we would have never met.

When I worked at USAA Insurance, we dealt with the military and their families.  It was kind of cool getting a phone call from Iraq or Pakistan via Satellite phone.   These men and women were always extremely polite and honorable and it was always a pleasure to work with them.

One of the most special Veterans Days I remember was when I worked there.  They had a big ceremony for Veterans and many of our employees were veterans, including our boss at the Tampa office.  General Tom Draude was the best boss I ever had,  and was a very special man.  It was a wonderful place to work when he was there.He made sure each employee felt appreciated   He has since passed away and I still feel sad about that.    General Draude  instructed us  to always "do the right thing."  If we could help a USAA member, and weren't sure if we were following the correct rule or procedure, just "do the right thing," and we would never get in trouble.  I always remembered that and tried to do just that.   

This morning I took a few minutes to get our credit reports. We hadn't done it for  a while, so it was time.

Fortunately, we saw no problems, so it appears our identity hasn't been stolen yet.

When I went to the websiteS to order our free reports there were so many choices and I wasn't sure exactly where to order one.  I  didn't want to give out our social security numbers out to just anyone.  I remembered reading a post from Howard and Linda when they ordered theirs a while back.  Sure enough Howard provided the link and it was the same one I had already found, so I felt comfortable that I was not on a spam website.  Thanks Howard.

Here is the link.  You can get a free report annually from each of the three main companies.

Annual Credit Report

I was able to view and print them right away.

Today is supposed to be another warm sunny day.  Yesterday we spent most of the day outside. I burned up about 4-5 gallons of gas on the know I was busy!   Al split a bunch of pecan for campfires.  Of course, here in Georgia. it's called PEE-can.

Happy Veterans Day all


  1. USAA has been our bank and insurance company for over forty years. They are great!

    We subscribe to a credit monitoring service with a monthly report and credit update along with an immediate alert if something that effects your credit report occurs.

    It is too bad that we live in a world where this is necessary.

  2. Hmmm?? I've never even tried to look up our credit report. Maybe I should. Maybe I'm not even who I think I am!!

    All the best on Veterans Day!

  3. You can send some of that wood this way! Because we were painting all summer our pile isn't near big enough!


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