Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gremlins in Georgia

Well, the Droid gremlin is still living with us.

I was talking on the phone (land line) to my friend Carol.  The Droid was sitting on the couch next to me when it started going crazy.  It pulled up my contacts, selected Carol and started to call her, changed its mind and then called Al instead.  He answered and I had to put Carol on hold so that I could tell Al that I didn't call him, Droid did!  He got a kick out of that.  When I hung up with him, and got back to Carol,  Droid decided to call Carol.  It came through her phone as call waiting, she answered and got Droid.  Crazy thing.

It mostly just likes to play with the calculator though.  It was typing  "log, log" into the calculator.  I don't know how it did that because there are no letters on the keypad, just numbers.  One time it was on the browser and started typing what looked like a telephone number.  It never did fill in the last digit.  I was  writing the number down with the intention of calling it to see who the number belonged to.  I still may give it  shot.

The phone reminds me of then I worked at USAA and would have computer problems.  We'd call our tech support in Texas and they would often take over our computer and fix it.  You'd be sitting there watching them work on your computer and could see everything they typed and everywhere they went.  This is exactly like that.

I have un-installed some of my most recent apps to see if that was the problem.  I changed virus programs, and everything else I could think of.  I don't want to restore my settings to factory default because I will lose all my  "stuff."    I finally called Verizon and the guy had never really heard of any problems of this kind with Droid but he was just reading some sort of screen.  I told him I had heard that this has been happening to others, but he didn't know anything about that.  He offered to send me another phone, I declined for now.  That would also mean I would lose all my settings and apps.  I un-installed a few more things.  If that doesn't work I will have to go back to factory settings.  If that doesn't work, I'll have to get another phone.

We've got 1 1/2 inches of rain overnight, along with a brief tornado warning, a few tornado watches and several marine warnings.  It wasn't a good night sleep with the weather radio going off.  I knew it was going to rain and decided to leave the motor home slides out to see if they leaked.  First thing this morning I went up and checked and 3 of the 4 areas of concern were dry.  The other one was just a little damp.  I felt pretty good about even though we still seem to have a small problem.

As I'm sitting here typing, Droid just went to the calculator screen on its own.  I see the X key being hit, now the clear, division, division and plus. back and forth a few times.  I just put it back on the home screen and now it's going nuts  Okay, that's enough....factory default reset it is!


  1. Haunting? I would call the bank and my credit cards and put an alert on my accounts. I know that sounds paranoid, but I would certainly be concerned bout identity hackers.

  2. It's strange that the guy at Verizon said he'd never heard of this problem. If you Google "Droid possessed" you will get 80,000 results.

    It's been an ongoing problem and it seems a new phone is the only real solution.

  3. I agree with Merikay you must have a haunted phone! I agree about the hackers though. Hope gioing to the default setting helps.

  4. Wow..that is all I have to say.Scary!!

    I agree with Merikay I would double check your accounts.

    Cindy and Walker

  5. Freaky!
    I'd go with Rick's suggestion... he knows everything else! And I mean that in a good way...

  6. Wondering if you have an update on this weird problem. Merikay and Rick offer good advice. I think I'd just insist on a new phone to hopefully get the situation resolved and not have to worry.


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