Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Exorcised the Demon!

I think I have exorcised the Demon on my Droid phone.

Right after I finished my post last night, I was determined to go ahead and restore the phone to the factory defaults and see if that helped.

The reason I hadn't done that earlier or taken the Verizon guy up on his offer for a new phone, is because I have done a lot of customizations to the phone.  The phone comes "nekked" and you have to add your programs and customize it like you want it.  It really involves a lot of time to get it like you want it.  There are 7 home screens!  I like the way I have the phone set up.  All my email accounts, favorite sites, apps, wallpapers are all set up like I want.   If I got a new phone or changed this one, I'd be back to square one.  Granted, it would be easier this time, because I now know how I want it, but I really prefer not to if I don't have to.  However, I  could not deal with the phone like it was!

I was ready to get started on the restore, then I looked at the phone and noticed the thin vinyl cover I placed over the screen to protect it.   I had just put on a new one and I had it on a little crooked, so I lifted it and straightened it.  When I did that I got some air bubbles underneath it, so I locked the phone and tried to press out the air bubbles.  I got to wondering if all that pressing may have affected the very sensitive touch screen. It was worth a shot, so I removed the cover and waited.  No more problems....for a few minutes.  Then it went crazy again.

In the meantime, Rick made another comment wondering why the guy at Verizon didn't know about this problem.  Rick suggested I Google "Droid Possessed."   I did that and found lots of issues with the exact same issue.  I'm tempted to call them back and tell them where to look!

It appeared that some of the Apps I had installed may have caused the problems.  I had already un-installed several  Apps, but I decided to go back a little further and delete a few more. It shows the dates they were installed, so I tried to think back to when the problem started and get rid of any in that time frame.  That appears to have been the problem.  I haven't had any problems yet, but I haven't had the phone on too long this morningt. At least the phone didn't wake me up last night "working."  

So far, so good!

Thanks again Rick!  I had previously tried to find some comments about the phone problems, but didn't key in the correct search word.   (well actually, I misspelled  possessed!)  For some reason Google couldn't find pocessesed!

If anyone out there is thinking about getting a Droid, I would still recommend it.  I really do love it and Al does too.  It's helped us out so many times.  The free GPS is great and fun to use because you can see a satellite view.  I love having my emails pop up when I get a new one and I love being able to see the weather and stock market anytime I like.  One other thing I have gotten into the habit of doing is read blogs on it before I get out of bed in the morning. I usually wake up around 4am and turn on the tv until I fall back asleep.  Yeah, Al just loves that little habit of mine :)   Since I've gotten the Droid, I will get it and read my blogs.  Sometimes I have to wait until Rick gets his posted around 5am!

So far, so good!  Thanks again Rick!


  1. whew! hope that solves the problem. Gee, I have wondered just how I can manage to live life and still read all the wonderful blogs that I am now following! I too wake at 4am a lot, but usually don't want to turn on the computer. Maybe the phone? Although I have a hard time reading the screen on my iPhone. Is your droid a bigger screen? maybe it's time for an iPad. LOL

  2. Malone
    I just put on my glasses and surprisingly I can read the screen just fine. (of course I enlarge the print a little)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Karen.

    I sure hope this reset fixes the problem permanently. As you say, a new phone while nice, would mean a lot of extra work.

    Keep us posted!

  4. 4:00 A.M. - HORRORS!!!!!! But I sure hope this fixed your gremlins. Any idea which app might have been the culprit?

  5. Jim and Sandie

    I'm not sure which apps were the problems. I thought I'd remember..but guess what? I didn't.

  6. Glad the problem is fixed, but 4AM is to early to read or write blogs!

  7. I'm glad you may have found a fix but I am a little disappointed as I was really thinking about what a haunted phone would do?! but I am sure I wouldn't want one so I'm glad it's not really possessed. :)


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