Saturday, November 13, 2010

Three More Garage Sales

We had our weekly garage sale this morning. Got rid of a fair amount of stuff and made another $130.

We're actually starting to feel like we're making progress with our purging.  I was thinking of some of the things we no longer own and the list is actually quite long.  Of course we still own 4 Christmas trees.  No one has shown any interest in them yet, but we're hoping as it gets closer to Christmas, they'll sell.  We plan on keeping one little one for the motor home.  Most of our Christmas decorations are gone though.

We have several "regulars" that come just about every week.  One lady we've gotten to know hasn't bought much and was just laid off from her job at Goodwill.  It turns out she was a 9-11 survivor.  She was in one of the Twin Towers that day.  She was so stressed out afterwards she decided to move here to where her son lives.  We've gotten to know more people in this town in the few weeks we've had our garage sales then we have in the past 4 years.

We're getting there and making some progress with the purging process.  I think we'll be in a much better place when the house finally sells. Of course at that point we'll be selling the furniture, mowers, golf cart and things we need until we move out permanently.

We decided that we'll go ahead and keep the storage building a little longer and have 3 more sales there before we head south for the winter.  Before we leave we'll bring anything that's not sold either to Goodwill or back home.  When we get back here, we'll have any additional garage sales in our own garage.  Now that we don't have so much stuff, it will be easier.  We're probably going to leave here sometime around December 6th.  We will meander down towards Tampa and stay at a state park or two on the way down.  Hopefully we won't have any problems getting a place to stay.

I finally took my required continuing ed classes for my insurance adjuster and agent licenses.  I was torn on whether or not to bother with them, but you never know what the future will bring, so I went ahead and got them done, and renewed my licenses. Those licenses were so hard to get, I sure don't want t have to do that over again.  That's one more thing I got done this week.

We've been experimenting some more with our new Nu-Wave oven.  I've found that it doesn't cook as quickly as the recipes state, but I'm learning and we like it real well.  We cooked a large turkey breast the other night and it was excellent.  Of course, we overcooked it a little bit, but it was still very good.  Nice and brown and tasty.  I finally bought a new meat thermometer so hopefully I can judge cooking times better.

I tried roasting asparagus on the rack and it turned out great.  I put some olive oil, salt and pepper and laid it on the rack.  7 minutes and it was delicious.

 Tonight we're going to try a steak and see how that does.  I'm going to make some more asparagus and maybe even a little broccoli.  I really like the way it cooked the asparagus, so we'll see about the broccoli.

So far we think it's going to be a keeper.  What I like, is there is no fire that I have to watch, like on my gas stove in the motor home.  I set the timer for whatever time I need, and it shuts off  when its done.  I'm a worrier when it comes to fires in a house.

Speaking of fire,  Al has managed to split 5 or 6 big tubs of firewood.  We'll have lots of firewood this winter.


  1. Alas, asparagus has always been one of my favorites, but is also one of the foods I have to be very sparing with.

  2. I'll have to look into that Nu-Wave oven, it sounds like a great thing to have.

  3. You seem to be doing very well making a few bucks from all that stuff you don't want anymore.

    I think Paulette would really like that NuWave gizmo as she really doesn't like the propane oven at all as the gas idea kind of worries her.

  4. Are you taking the firewood to Florida???

  5. Gail and Rick,

    I had watched the info-mercials on the NuWave for quite a while before we bought it. I think it will be very nice for the Rv, since the oven is small and it's so versatile. We cooked a 9 pound half frozen turkey breast last night in 2 hours and it was juicy and good. The only thing we did was turn it over half way through.

    Be aware though, it is bigger than it looks on tv and takes up a good portion of the counter top. It'll definitely be in the way in the Rv, but I think it will still be worth it.


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