Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dirty Bluebirds

Al put some water in the bird bath after noticing a bunch of Bluebirds flying around.  It wasn't 2 minutes before they all came for a bath.  At one point we had 4-5 in it, but unfortunately I didn't get the camera out in time.  The 3rd bird is a Chipping Sparrow.  They are winter residents here and he is one of the thousand (not kidding) we will have here pretty soon.

The fall colors are starting to peak here right now.  Al will be back from Tampa tomorrow (his birthday), so we'll have to go for a leaf watching drive.  Of course Saturday is garage sale day, so we have to get that out of the way first.  Only 3 more sales before we leave for Florida, so we really need to move some stuff!

Sunday we may head down to St Marks National Wildlife Refuge to get Al his "geezer pass."  It the senior pass that gets us into all the national parks for free!  Yes, there are some advantages to getting older.

Motorhome surrounded by color

American Sycamore - this is a huge tree by our front wooded area

This was taken a few days ago.  It looked like the shuttle but we didn't hear that it flew that day.

The sky was beautiful with all the clouds


  1. Looks like a pretty area in fall.

  2. The "geezer" pass is a great thing. The morning of my 62nd birthday I was at the gate to Yosemite! Didn't want to miss a minute of all those freebies. I have used it a lot in the last 3 plus years, believe me.

  3. oh silly me, I meant to say Happy Birthday!!!

  4. I love your birds. They are so cute playing in the water. Great video.


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