Friday, November 19, 2010

Two House Showings

A two hour visit at the dentist and then two showings on the house.  Phew!

It's been a busy day.  I think it's about time for a nap!

The first showing was a woman in her 40's or 50's.  I'm not sure if she had a husband or not but she'd need one for this place.  I didn't get the feeling she loved our place.

The second was a young woman/girl with a darling 3 year old girl.  They loved it.  She took pictures and came back and looked at the house again after walking the property.  I'm concerned they probably don't have the money since they are so young.  She is married though and hubby is working.  Oh well, maybe she has a rich daddy!

Al's on his way home.  Today's his 62nd birthday and he's spending it driving.  I'm fixing him a pork roast for dinner tonight.  It's the first pork roast for the NuWave oven.  We like our beef and pork roasts fall apart tender so we usually cook them a long time.  We'll see how the NuWave does on this.

We're having another run of gorgeous weather.  Beautiful clear blue skies and 70 degrees.  It's supposed to warm up during the next few days with no rain predicted. This is my idea of perfect weather.

I'm pulling  a dirty trick on Al for his birthday.  We've been wanting to get him an E-reader, now that we know we like mine.  I've heard they are going to come down in price during the Christmas holidays and black Friday.  So I'm going to wrap up mine, and give it to him!  Bet he sees through it!  We don't make such a big deal of birthdays anymore, since we've both had so many.  We buy our presents when we want them and don't wait for a special occasion.  I do want to get him an e-reader though but I'd like to get a good deal. We're going to get another Sony PRS 600, like I got.  I like it real well and it is the correct format that you can upload free eBooks from the library.  I'm too cheap to pay for those books.  You'd think eBooks would be cheaper but I don't find that to be the case.

Tomorrow is garage sale Saturday.  Need to get rid of lots of stuff!


  1. Happy Birthday to Al!! Pork roast sounds yummy. So does 70 degree weather. We are waiting on a snow storm here in the Northwest

  2. Best wishes to Al for his birthday. I'd send him a piece of cake (I still have some left) if I could.

    I often wonder if Craig will ever take up an e reader. He buys books all of the time and has a room full of them.

    They will go to storage.

  3. Happy Birthday Al! Those e-readers are great, we bought Kindles and absolutely love them even though we have to buy our books. Sounds like you are getting a steady flow of lookers and that is good.

  4. Happy Birthday, Al. I agree on the eBooks, they're great!

  5. Younger people do have money. If they can qualify for the mortgage they don't seem to mind taking on big debt! Sounds like the buyers are all either to old or to young.

  6. A very Happy Belated Birthday to Al.

    Sorry only got to reading your blogs today. It is hard for me to get internet and time to read all the blogs, so now we I am able to get the internet I copy the blogs and then read them later when I have time. So we are following along with you, if just may take a little time to get them all read.

    We are the same about not making a big deal on birthdays. Normally we make a point of having an extra special dinner, usually made a home. The pork roast sounds good.

    Hope you can get a good deal on the E-reader.

    Kevin and Ruth


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