Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I Predicted Correctly

My last paragraph on yesterdays blog said,  "we've just about gotten the house messy enough to bring in someone to look at it."

Guess what?  Yep, someone is coming to look at the house this afternoon.  We got the call from the Realtor yesterday morning, so at least we had 24 hours notice.  We spent Monday cleaning up.  We just can't seem to keep it showroom ready unless we have the motivation of someone coming to look at it.

We had someone drive up our private driveway yesterday afternoon, then turn around and head back when we saw him.  Later Al saw him on the side road.  We're assuming he is the guy who's looking at the house.  Maybe this one is really interested.  We normally don't get anyone on our property except UPS and Fed Ex, sot we're pretty sure it's a "looker."

Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck, sounds like he might be interested!

  2. Brings back memories of when our house was for sale.

    The request for a showing always seemed to come when the house was as far from ready as possible.

    Good luck.

  3. Good luck on the showing! Each one is a pain to get ready for, but may just be *The One*

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Okay here goes Debbie Downer..lookers will stop and ask questions..lookers for the wrong reasons..well they could be staking out your home..this is huge in the real estate market.So many homes are vacant..and in remote areas..they can strip the house of appilances..wiring..and other stuff if they think it is empty. Try to remember what they looked like ect.Never show without a realator.The horror stories that are out there right now..scary.People are so desperate for money.
    On the good side..I pray they were legitimate..that is how Wendy found her home..she just drove up and started talking to the owner..bingo..they bought it.

    Hugs Cindy

  5. It took several months to sell the manufactured home I lived in back in California. I got pretty good at keeping it show ready because I never knew when someone would show it when I was at work. Ugh! It's great to no longer have anyone cruising through my house! Good luck on your possible looker.

  6. It only takes one. The right one.

  7. I'm thinking really positive that your house will be selling before long. You originally didn't think you would have many lookers because of the economy, etc. I think you are doing very good considering all of that. Hang in there!


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