Monday, November 15, 2010

A Gremlin Has My Droid

I know I'm not crazy.  I know I'm not imagining it.  I know I'm not pushing buttons accidentally.

I'm going to video it and prove it :)

My Droid phone occasionally has a life of its own.  It's like someone is using all the features on my phone from somewhere else and I just standby and watch.

The calculator will come on and do all kinds of calculations. Then a  browser opens and it seems like someone is searching for websites.  It's not just me accidentally hitting a key by mistake.  A LOT of keys are being hit and a lot of things are happening.  My settings are being changed too.  If I try to do something like to to the home screen, it immediately goes back somewhere else.  It's really, really strange and it's happening more frequently.

My first thought was that somehow someone is on their own computer, working and my Droid is picking it up. I have a wifi button on the phone.  I disabled it.

I don't know how to report the problem to Verizon.  Hey Mr. Verizon guy, a gremlin has control of my phone and won't let me play with it.

This has happened quite frequently and appears to be happening more and more.  Usually I have to turn off the phone to get it to stop.

It just happened a few minutes ago.  I had the phone on the couch next to me. I wasn't touching it and it started going crazy.

Okay...there it goes again...checking balance,, linked phone profiles. entering a message.  L.    It typed the letter L.  Then it stopped.  I hit the home screen and it's okay now.  This all happened while it was sitting on the couch next to me!

The other night, it was being charged and it started doing things and actually woke me up with all the clicking.

Okay Rick....see if you can solve THIS one!


  1. I'm dying to read Rick's response on this one. I've been thinking about a Droid but then I think - nah. Then, maybe. But if it did thinks like that I'd take it back to Verizon so fast.

  2. Your phone is 'possessed!! Actually, it's most likely a problem with the touch screen and when you call Verizon about it they will most likely tell you it has to be replaced and they'll send you a new one. They might try a factory reset to see if that stops the problems from happening.

    You're not going crazy as these exact symptoms have been reported by several Android owners.

  3. I just read your blog to Craig. He said he had seen something about it in an article on SlashDot saying more and more smart phones are being compromised by security issues.

    Hope it doesn't steal your identity.

    I'd call Verizon if I were you.

  4. Wow! When that happens with a computer it means someone has remote access. I guess Rick knows, so maybe this isn't the case with a phone.

  5. I am sure Rick is correct, but I think it is more interesting to think someone is hijacking your phone or it is possessed.

    Either way, I will wait for the outcome before thinking about getting one.

    Good luck!

  6. Wow, that would certainly freak me out! Hope you find a solution soon.


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