Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eye Appointments

We had a busy day on Black Friday.  We had no intention of battling the crowds for any shopping deals, so the only place we went was to the local Walmart.  I had my eye on a Nook eReader for Al that was on sale at Best Buy for $99, but I knew the chance of getting one was slim so we didn't bother.  We did find a Sony 300 eReader for $99 at Walmart.  Al thinks he might be happy with that one.  It really is nice.  The screen looks better than mine (Sony prs 600).  It only has 3 sizes of fonts so you can't enlarge the print as much as mine.  It has no dictionary and the screen is 5 inch verses 6 inch like my eReader's.  The nice anti glare screen with white back ground looks so nice, he might just decide on that one.

We thought about having a garage sale yesterday but the weather didn't cooperate so we gave up on that idea.

We headed out to the Thomasville which is the next town over.  We decided to have some lunch before we went to the eye appointments.

Al was due for new eyeglasses and I was due to get an updated prescription for my mono-vision contact lens.  I've tried prescription glasses on two occasions and just can't wear them, so I just use a contact lens in my right eye for reading.  My left eye sees the distance and my right eye sees up close.  It's worked out real well for me.  I also use the little readers from Walmart when I'm not wearing my contacts.  The doctor wanted me to try multi focus lenses and wear one in each eye.  I'm trying them, but not only are they much more expensive, and  I'll have to wear 2 lenses  So far, they are giving me a headache.  We have to go back next week so I'll see if they will work.  I may just go back to the single contact lens.

We're trying to get all the last minute things done before we head to Tampa. We've been getting dental appointments done, and Al is getting his physical next week.  I'm having to wait until spring for mine.  We'll be leaving two weeks from yesterday, of course that's unless we get a contract on the house, then everything changes!

We're down to only two more garage sales.   We're not sure what kind of turnout we'll have today, but we're going to give it a try.  If we don't get many people, we'll close down early.

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  1. Good luck with the garage sale! That little Sony eBook is pretty nice. I saw one in the store the other day.


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