Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making Additional Florida Plans

After reading Rick's blog this morning, it got me thinking that maybe we should make some camping reservations for Florida next month.  Otherwise we might be homeless...or at least no place to spend the night.

The number of snowbirds that head to Florida each winter is truly amazing.  It's fun driving on the interstates and just counting the number or rv's heading south.  

Rick mentioned that he and Paulette like to have their plans set and reservations made.  We aren't big into planning things ahead, but he got me thinking.  We have reservations from Dec 20th on, but since we're leaving a bit earlier, we have a gap.  I sure don't want to be driving the rv around at the last minute looking for a place to stay.  There are lots of places right off interstate 75, but since this will be our first trip as snowbirds, we're a little nervous that we won't find anything.  

We don't want to drive the 275 miles to Tampa all in one day, so we decided to stay two nights at Stephen Foster Cultural Center State Park.

 We visited it last month when we were in the area and loved it, so we felt a few nights there would be nice.  It will break up our long trip south.  We were able to get reservations for December 9th and 10th, but the week-end was booked.  So we'll leave on Saturday (not my first choice) but we haven't found a place to stay after that.  Al's heading to Tampa tomorrow, so he'll check out a few rv parks north of Tampa.  If we can't find something, I guess we'll have to go visit some friends who have big yards :)

We cooked our steaks on the Nuwave oven last night.  They turned out good and were very flavorful.  We think we prefer steaks on the NuWave over the grill.  We just set the timer and walked away.  We didn't have to worry about it flaring up.  I nuked the potatoes for a few minutes first then finished cooking them in the Nuwave too.  When we were almost finished cooking the other side of the steak sprinkled some olive oil, salt and pepper on some broccoli and grilled it a few minutes.   It was all very good.  Yes, I think the NuWave will earn the  rather large space it will take on the Rv counter.


  1. Guess you are getting pretty excited about your trip south as 1st time snowbirds. I am sure you will enjoy yourselves.

    Kevin and I tend to live by the seat of our pants and never make reservations. The odd time we have hit parks that are booked up, but find that rarely happens. The few times that it has we have always found something. We try to be parked up/camped for the day before 2pm. That way if something does happen we still have time before night sets in.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Many many years ago we took a family car trip to Florida at Christmas time. I didn't make any reservations and we were in big trouble a couple of nights. I imagine it could be hard in an RV, but then if you had no space you could always just park and wait to be chased!

  3. Merikay

    We've been doing a little online looking. I'm sure we'll find a place, but I want a CHEAP one!

  4. re;..maps..start with where you are at..and soon you will be going places!!!

  5. I think cheap is the key word. Seems as though we can usually find something, but then finding something with a discount or at a reasonable price seems to me more difficult. Although Al seems to do pretty well in the county parks. I wonder if that works in Florida where there are soooo many snowbirds.


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