Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foggy and Warm

Our run of warm weather continues.  I actually had to turn on the a/c for a few minutes last night to cool the house down before we went to bed.  This morning it’s foggy and 66 degrees.  Love this weather!


Yesterday we got some feedback from our 2 home showings last week-end.  The first lady wasn’t interested…she wanted a larger pond.  The second one (the young woman with the 3 year old)  is interested and supposedly they are planning to make an offer on the house without even coming back with her husband!   Evidently her husband trusts her judgment on the house and is okay with just seeing the outside property.  What can I say about that…they are very young. We’re preparing for a lowball offer, but who knows.  A contract on the house would sure cobb up our winter trip to Florida! 

Yesterday was spent working around the house.  I decided to tackle the refrigerator and kitchen.  Al worked on spreading some of the pine straw he’s been picking up.  Of course that was after we spend a few hours watching the morning news shows and reading blogs!

We’re still using our NuWave oven frequently.  I think it’s going to go down as one of our best purchases ever.   

Al has agreed to getting rid of both the toaster and toaster oven since the NuWave does everything they do, and better.

I have taught him about “oven toast.”  My Mom always made it for us and it’s so much better than a toaster.  You put little pats of butter on the toast…don’t spread it all over and then put it in the oven on broil.  Brown the top, turn it over then brown the bottom.  It’s really good, but a bit of a pain in the neck, because you have to watch it closely so that it doesn’t burn.  The NuWave makes very good oven toast and it’s much easier.  You just put it in the oven, set it for 4 minutes and walk away.  It’s done perfectly with minimal effort.  Nope, we don’t need the toaster or toaster oven anymore! 

We ended up using the NuWave for all three meals yesterday.

For breakfast we made sausage biscuits.  We just put the precooked sausage and 2 frozen biscuits into the oven for a few minutes.  We had to figure out how long to cook them, and we  but they turned out good.  Another easy meal.

For a light lunch, I wrapped some flour tortilla shells with a slice of havarti cheese inside and stuck them in the oven for a few minutes.  The cheese was melted and the shells were slightly crispy.  That was our lunch.

Last night, I spread some dry wing mix on some chicken tenders, and cooked them in the NuWave.  When they were finished I put some fresh asparagus and broccoli in and roasted them for a few minutes.  I had some frozen french fries in the regular oven and our meal was done.  Very quick and easy and delicious.  Yep, the NuWave has earned it’s  space in the Rv.  Of course when I actually start using it in the motor home, I’m sure It’ll be in the way a lot, but we’ll manage because it's so handy.

I found that the Nook eReader that Al wants is going to be on sale at Best Buy for $99.  Unfortunately it’s an “early bird” special on Friday.  We don’t feel like being in Tallahassee at 4am to save a few bucks.  Hopefully I can find a good deal on “cyber Monday.”  Rick answered my question about the difference on picking up a wifi and 3g signal.  Al thought he would like the wifi or 3G eReader because he could also connect to the internet on it, just like a mini computer.  He doesn’t care about being able to download ebooks through wifi, just getting on the internet and maybe sending some e-mail.  However, after thinking about it, we’ve decided that with the tiny keyboard, it might be a little difficult to navigate the internet on the eReader, so it  probably wouldn’t used to surf the internet.  However, the wifi only Nook is cheaper than the Sony, so we’ll probably still get that one.  He likes it real well and it does allow for downloading from the library, it has an online dictionary, and you can increase the font size.  Those were the 3 criteria he wanted.

Now all we have to do it wait and see if the Realtor calls with an offer! 


  1. We are crossing our fingers that you get a really good offer on your house and that the sale goes through.

    Travel Safe

  2. Don't be offended if the offer is low. You can always counter. You have had a lot of showings so the realtors must like the property.

  3. I have wanted to post something like this on my website and this gave me an idea. Cheers..


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