Friday, March 02, 2012

Windows Live Writer or Blogger?

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 85, low 64)

We’re still having cool nights, but these day time temps are a bit too warm for us this time of the year.  I think another cool front it expected and that’s fine with us.  We’ll have plenty of time for hot weather.

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday.  It was a letter from Trailblazer Magazine, along with a gift certificate for $50.  Evidently a photograph I submitted won their contest and should be published in their upcoming magazine.

Here is the photo.  You’ll probably recognize it.  It was when we kayaked around the perimeter of Sunshine Key.

kayaking from bridge at sunshine key


Just curious. Do you write your blogs on Windows Live Writer, or through Blogger?  I prefer Live Writer.  I had too many problems on Blogger getting the line spacing to come out right.  I also find it easier to enter photos with Live Writer.  It’s also nice to be able to get the blog written and ready to publish, even if you have no internet connection at the time.  I don’t believe you can do that with Blogger.  Of course now that we’re fulltimers, we normally have internet.  Should I try Blogger again?  Have they improved?  I know Rick will have some input on this!

I went back to the Ophthalmologist yesterday for a check on the pressure in my right eye.  The pressure hadn’t gone down enough and he put me on some drops to decrease the pressure.  It was 29, down from 35/36 the day before.  I don’t know what’s up with that, but I have another appointment Monday for a re-check.  I’m not liking this. 

Many Rv parks in the area are having community garage sales on Saturday, so Al and I raided our storage shed for items to sell.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get rid of a few things.  We’re going to stay home today and go through the basement and some cabinets and look for more un-needed items. 


  1. Live Writer, for sure. Blogger was too frustrating for me.

    Nice header!

  2. Live Writer - no contest. Love your header picture.

  3. I write them in MS word and paste them in blogger with format retained. Works great.

  4. I use Blogger since I have an Apple computer. Apple and Live Writer don't play well together. I am satisfied with Blogger, but then again, that's all I've ever used. Can't compare it to Live Writer.

  5. I'm the odd ball, I've tried three versions of Live Writer and have problems with it doing my spacing properly. LOL!

    I've stuck with the Blogger interface for 6 years now. I have no problem with line spacing, I hit enter and it goes to a new paragraph. Might be a setting, I'll have to look.

    I'm also the oddball when it comes to photos since I use SmugMug - I use special code for posting my pis.

  6. Okay, correcting myself. I have the LINE BREAK option under FORMATTING set to yes.

    That means when I hit enter it goes to a new line. When I hit enter twice, it goes to a new line in a new paragraph.

  7. I check back on Blogger once in a while to see if it has improved any but right now nothing I've seen would make me give up Live Writer.

    LW just handles photos much more intuitively at least as far as I'm concerned.

    The ability to compose and format draft blogs while offline is a big advantage as well.

  8. First, congratulations on winning a prize for your photo - well deserved, it's a beautiful picture. Your header picture is great also.

    Live Writer for me. SO much easier to insert pictures, videos, and links. And it is accessible off-line. The upload is quick and easy too.

  9. Great photos should be recognized, and I'm glad you got some good feed back for yours! You do take some wonderful photos! Always enjoy reading your blog and seeing the great pictures of the places you go. We don't get out on the water any more, so it's really nice to share your views when you do! Thanks for sharing. Live Writer is always much better to work with!

  10. Congratulations on winning with that awesome photo!!! I liked it when you first put it on your blog and guess the judges did too! WTG!!

    I use the advanced blogger format. I tried LW for awhile and found it to be very frustrating for me. The only thing I miss about it with blogger is being able to put my little watermark on my photos. There's probably a way to do that somehow, but I haven't taken the time to investigate it. Things like that are very bothersome with my headaches currently.

    Still the eye issue... So sorry! I understand your feelings about it! Hope next week is much better!!!

  11. Live writer for me too...just a user friendly program that just is so easy to use!..I, too like the fact that you can do the entries and save them for when you have an internet connection!
    congrats on winning the photo contest prize!!!

  12. CONGRATS on the winning photo!
    We use Live Writer-find it much easier especially inserting pix.

  13. Congrats on winning the photo contest!!! Nice picture.

    If your having good luck with Live Writer, no sense in changing, Blogger can be frustrating at times.

  14. I use Blogger with no problems. But have a Mac so windows live writer is not an option.

    I can open blogger on the internet then compose and format without the internet, works great. Add pictures when on line.

    Or compose in text edit, copy and paste and retain formatting.

  15. I used Live Writer a couple of times especially when I didn't have Internet connection - but that rarely happens with my Verizon Mi-Fi. Can't remember many problems with Blogger - I think I've been using it for 8 years now.

    BIG CONGRATS for winning the photo contest! You deserved it!

  16. Congratulations on your photo being selected.

    I use Live Writer ... Blogger was so frustrating for me that I even partitioned my MacBook Pro to install Windows 7 so I could use Live Writer. I also prefer Live Writer's formatting options.

    My biggest problem with Blogger is getting the spacing to come out right. From what I have read, if you just write the post and publish it, you'll likely not have problems. If you start going back through and editing your post before (or even after you publish it), then you're in trouble.

  17. Good for you for submitting your great photo. Good for them for selecting it. What great thing are you going to do with your prize money?

    Well I hate blogger ever since they lost a great post of mine already published and never got it back for me. Mostly I hate the fact that there is no where to go to get info on what's wrong when things just don't work right.

    So for all the reasons everyone else has said, I use live writer but I still have trouble with spacing and formatting. But then I hate to ready help and manuals so if it isn't intuitive, I'm in trouble.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS on your photo. I do remember it.
    I only use Live Writer. So much flexibility with that program! ~wheresweaver

  19. I think all your photos are award winning quality.

    The "Live Writer" question is verry timely as one of my blog readers suggested that I give it a try in reponse to my public request for assistance. I used it today for the first time in my latest blog post. I like the photo options that L. Writer has. I am with holding my verdict though untill I use it a few more times.


  20. I love WLW too, but its days may be numbered. If you want to support it, please sign the Save Windows Live Writer petition created by software developer, Scott Lovegrove.


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