Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Lazy Day

Florida Keys (high 82, low 71)

The seas calmed down once the strong winds subsided….a perfect day for kayaking, right? 

You’d think we’d have gotten motivated enough to take a paddle, but we didn’t. 

We bought some yellow tail snapper from the “fish lady.”  She comes every week and sells very good and fresh fish.  She and a friend had been diving the day before and hauled up 78 Florida lobsters!  Talk about fresh.  We didn’t buy any though because our freezer is full and we still have some lobsters from the last time we were here.  Maybe next week.

Our new sewer hose arrived, so we’re good to “go”. 

We drove down to Big Pine Key for the flea market, bought a little produce (limes for my drinks) and a glass strap for Al.  After we came home, a nap was in order.  Yes….we’re on island time for sure!

After our nap we walked over and visited with Margie and Roger….they’re on island time as well and also had an afternoon nap.

Al and I decided to walk over to the beach area underneath the big bridge.  The tide was out and we could get there without swimming.  It gave us a chance to explore the rocky area and look for spots where one might find lobsters.

It’s not real pretty when the tide is out, but it was interesting to search for treasures.

rocky beach area behind bridge...tide out...sunshine key rv resort

There were a few shells and pieces of coral, but I was searching for the real thing….sunken treasure.  Remember Mel Fischer discovered the wreck of the  Atocha in this area a few years back and pulled up millions of dollars in gold, silver and jewels.  There just might be a few trinkets washing ashore?

We then walked over to the marina and watched the fishermen cleaning their catch.  Note, the fish cleaning station is in a fenced in area?   Note on the bottom of the picture, inside the fence there is a cat watching?

cat at fish cleaning station at sunshine key marina

There is usually a cat there, as the park has quite a few park kitties.  All appear to be well fed though (thankfully)

We watched some kayakers go for a late afternoon paddle as the sun was going down.

kayakers at sunshine key marina

Then we walked around the marina and looked at all the yummy Mangrove Snappers swimming by the boats…in a no fishing area Smile

sunshine key marina

It was another beautiful day. 


  1. Your island time sure is peaceful and relaxing!

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Sounds like you two had one wonderful peaceful day! Wishing you many many more of the same. ~wheresweaver

  3. What a great life ----on island time!

  4. There is nothing better than "island time." You guys enjoy!!

  5. beautiful sunset pictures!!!..enjoy!!

  6. we're looking forward to getting back there! Naps are don't have to feel guilty any more about taking one with all kinds of work and chores waiting to be done. Work? What's that?

  7. It really does sound so relaxing. Love your sunset pictures. But if I nap then I don't sleep well at night. Glad that doesn't happen to you. Naps sound like fun.

  8. Beautiful glad your enjoying your time there...and getting to 'nap' between adventures...:)


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