Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carpet Replacement Day

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 84, low 60)

Today is the day our new flooring will be installed!  I’m getting a little nervous since I’ve never actually seen this guys work.

I just went by recommendations I had read online.  I hope I didn’t mess up!  I will be taking lots of pictures for the blog.  I also will be watching his work very carefully, and since we’ve done this ourselves, I know what to watch out for.

My internal clock is either screwed up, or I’m getting excited about leaving for the Keys.  Since we had to spring forward and I lost an hour of sleep, you’d think I’d have trouble getting up in the morning, but I’m waking up at 3 or 4 am. 

I got my Mifi password changed on both my laptop and Al’s Xoom  yesterday, but what I didn’t realize (until I went to print something), was that since my printer is wireless, it would need to be changed also.  It was a bit more of a challenge.  I ended up having to reinstall the printer to change the password.  There may have been an easier way, but I couldn’t find it.  Anyway, hopefully everything is now changed!

I’m not looking forward to spending the day with two men working in my living room all day.  The furniture will have to be in the back of the coach, so it may be a bit crowded for me and the kitties.  Al is working today….lucky dog!

My picture of the day is of my pretty Daffodils from our house in Georgia.  I love Florida, but we do not get the beautiful spring flowers like we did in Georgia.   I miss the Dogwoods, Azaleas and Wisteria that are probably blooming like crazy about now.



  1. Good luck with the carpet ~ I hope they do a great job... I'd be excited!!! I am not having trouble with the time change so far... maybe you are getting excited about the keys and the carpet...
    Have a fun day

  2. Good luck with thje carpet install and enjoy the new look.

  3. The improvement will be worth the stress. :)

  4. Watch those carpet installers and make sure they do a great job! I'm sure they will - looking forward to your photos!

  5. We'll be looking forward to the pictures.

  6. Can't wait to see the before and after photos. I love the smell of new carpet. Makes feel like everything is so clean. ~wheresweaver

  7. Good luck today - I find days when people are working on my rig very stressful, and I'm exhausted at the end of the day - after doing nothing!

    But, like you, I've learned to watch them carefully to make sure they do a good job. Taking photos lets them know you've documented the installation, and I think some people might do a better job, knowing it's going to be in your blog.

    New carpet - so nice! :)

  8. Standing by to see how it comes out. It will turn out to be a nice upgrade when it's done, especially with you keeping a sharp eye on the installers.

    If they start to screw up, you can always sick a kitty on them! ;c)

  9. Can't wait to see those photo's... Isn't it irritating when your little voice gets in your head and trys to tell you that you screwed up and wants to make you second guess your instincts!!! I'm sure it will be okay or that you will see that it is!

    I know you're missing your beautiful flowers from your yard. Now that you're traveling you should get a wildflower book and learn more about them and get some awesome photo's along the way!

  10. Karen, love your new header photo - gorgeous!
    Connie in PA

  11. Anxious to hear about your day. I'm just now catching up on blog reading. Need to read backwards to see how your eye is doing.

  12. Second the LOVE your new header photo but anything ocean gets my vote!!

    I agree with the commenter who said taking pics to document may make them be on their toes to do a great job. Also agree that it is stressful having to "stand watch". Hope it goes smoothly and easily.

  13. good luck with the carpet can't wait to see the pictures...we are looking forward to getting back home in Canada and getting rid of our carpet this summer...I can't wait

  14. I love the lighting in your header pic - wow. And daffodils. I've not seen them in years! Same for tulips. They don't grow in this part of the country.
    Good luck with the carpet!!

  15. We are looking forward to seeing your new carpet. Keeping an eye on all the action is a good idea.


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