Saturday, March 24, 2012

We’re on Island Time

Florida Keys  (high 82, low 72)

The wind died down quite a bit yesterday morning and of course all the boats started going out.  I had kind of been enjoying the winds though because it kept us cool.  Now that its calmed down, we’ll start thinking of taking the kayaks out.

Al and I have been so lazy since we’ve been here.  I guess we’re on “island time.”  I think that’s a fancy way of saying….lazy! 

Margie and Roger are leaving Monday, as their two weeks will be up.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know them better.

We puttered around here yesterday, organizing, putting on the tire covers and getting the bikes off the rack.  I would love to do a load of laundry, but I’m trying to save the sewer hose as much as possible!

Margie took Annie and Buddy out for a stroller ride yesterday.  Little Buddy weighs all of 3 pounds but you’d never know it by the way he barks at the big dogs!  He must think he’s a big dog.

That’s Annie up front in the dress.  Buddy is much more laid back.  Margie said Buddy was having some trouble recently and was very constipated.  Margie looked online and found that pumpkin was the remedy.  Evidently he liked it and it worked like a champ.  Note the smile on Buddy’s face?   Something good to know with the kitties.


Annie and Buddy

Yesterday, we all headed down to Geiger Key and had lunch at our favorite restaurant.  Margie and Roger wanted to try some fresh Hogfish.  It was delicious as usual.  Margie got a picture of the sandwich….I’m always too hungry to even think of taking a picture.

They had wings and oysters on happy hour prices, so Roger got a half dozen oysters (which he enjoyed) and al got a half dozen wings (also enjoyed), plus a couple pitchers of beer.  I don’t  know where they put all that food because the sandwiches are huge!   Actually our kitties did get a portion of Rogers fish that he couldn’t finish.  Smile

Margie and Roger at Geiger Key Marina

Margie got a hair cut the other day and most of the color is now gone.  Looks good, huh?

We saw so many iguanas walking across the highway on the way to dinner last night.  They are all over the islands.  Here is one we saw by the motor home.


Baxter spotted him and wanted to go take a closer look.

Speaking of Baxter.  My  “little”  7  1/2 month old kitten is up to 10.5 pounds.   We think he is going to be one of those large Maine Coon cats that we’ve seen on the internet. 

Here is a picture of another huge cat named Moose.


Baxter isn’t that big….yet!

*****Just a question****

Margie asked me yesterday why I had two “header” pictures on my blog?   I didn’t know what she was talking about but she said two come up.

When I look at my blog, I only see the current header picture of the big bridge, water and Al kayaking.

Do you see two header pictures as well?   If so,  that’s  not supposed to be that way and how do I fix it?


  1. Sounds like a great happy hour.
    We only see the one header picture taken from the kayak.

  2. only one header picture here too!..Baxter will be a mighty fine looking kitty no matter how big he gets!

  3. We only see the one picture but just make certain when changing the picture to remove the old one.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I only see one header picture. It is great to make friends along the way. It sounds like you had a great lunch. It made me hungry just reading your post. Relax and enjoy your little piece of heaven.

  5. Did Margie look at the header while she was enjoying happy hour? LOL
    I only see one beautiful picture. Enjoy your weekend. ~wheresweaver

  6. I see only one very fine header picture here, Karen. Love reading about island time in the Keys.

  7. I only see the one header photo.

    Love the picture of the dogs in the stroller.

    I like Margie's hair cut, too. Her lighter color looks really nice. :)

  8. Use unsweetned canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling. Here is an article that explains on using pumpkin for cats (& dogs too)

    I think my cats are part Maine Coon too. The boys are BIG! Their sister is BIG. But they have such pretty longish hair.

    I like island time. I think I'll use that excuse today, even if I'm not close to any island right now..

  9. Our daughter has a Maine Coon cat and it is huge and has the largest feet I've ever seen on a domestic cat. Her husband and I found the kitten when it was dumped in the woods and was almost dead. He loved it and took it to the Vet and saved it's life. Beautiful cat with long hair.

    We spent 11 winters in the Keys and loved it. Cost finally drove us out of there, or we'd still be enjoying "another day in paradise".

    One header appears when I view the blog.

  10. No I only see one header ~ has Margie had her afternoon cocktails??? LOL Just kidding... Looks like you guys had a lot of fun & just because we full time and blog doesn't mean we can't be on Island time...☺
    Have fun

  11. Only one header photo for me too. My future daughter in law has a Maine Coon cat and it is huge!

  12. OK everyone, I'm the designated driver on our road trips so I'm limited to one glass of wine. Plus, I'm usually reading blogs early in the morning when I'm fairly wide awake. What I see is the 'original' template of green/blue of Blogger come up, then I see Karen's photo header. I checked Jim and Sandie's blog and I can tell there is a blue blogger background, but the photo of the doggies loads immediately - whereas Karen's takes a few seconds. Maybe it's the difference in size or pixels of the photo? Or maybe I need to buy the iPad3 I want and another laptop.

  13. I can vouch for Margie...just one glass of wine :)

    Yes need a new laptop!


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