Wednesday, March 07, 2012

More Info on Pinterest

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 82, low 60)

I guess our cool front is over.  It’s been so nice with no humidity and cooler temps.  I’m sure the humidity will be returning soon.

I read an interesting article in the paper this morning.  It seems this is the 5th warmest winter in  Tampa in 120 years.  The average temperature (taken at Tampa International Airport) is 66.1 for the December through February time period.  At the airport it never officially dropped below freezing (although it did in most places).  The last time Tampa had warmer temperatures was back in the winter of 1949 and 1950 when the average was 67 degrees.  We’re just a few miles northeast of Tampa, so it’s been a little cooler here, but it has been a wonderful winter.


I’ve been playing with Pinterest a little more and have been  learning  more about how it works. 

The main issue I had initially,  was when I clicked on Pinterest, all I got was a page of other peoples “pins.”  Tons of them!

To find your board and pins….click on your name in the upper right corner, and you’ll see a drop-down menu.  Select  “boards”  and it will bring you to your board.  I haven’t figured how to open that page by default.

Marsha helped me to “un-follow” people that I accidently started following when I originally signed up. 

To un-follow people:

Click on your name in the top right corner, or on the drop-down select “pins.”

That should take you to your “profile” page.  On the sidebar at the left, underneath your name, it should show two numbers, e.g. 45 followers, 52 following
Click on the one that says following - that will take you to a page showing all the people you're following.  Then just “unfollow” the ones you don’t want to follow.

I think I’m really going to use Pinterest.  I’m always finding stuff that I may want in the future, or places I want to go someday, or nice campgrounds.   It’s a great way to put these things in a place where you may actually be able to find them when you need them.  I think I’ll make a category for must see places in Florida, or maybe great kayaking places.  I’ll have to work on that as it may be useful to others.  I also added a “Follow me on Pinterest” button to my blog.  I’m not soliciting “followers”, and at this point I don’t know why anyone would want to.  Maybe in the future it could be helpful to others.  I hope that won’t screw up my boards.  I just want these for my own use and I don’t want all the crap you often see on Facebook.

Anyway, I hope this info is helpful. 


and my picture of the day…..the “Overseas Highway” to the Florida Keys.

(when we start traveling or doing something fun I’ll have current pics…for now these are old ones)




  1. I've been thinking about checking pinerest out, your blog has made it more interesting with how you are going to use it. Thanks.

  2. Just joined Pinterest and just like you, we are trying to figure out the benefits and if we want to continue. Thanks for your input, it is helping our cause.

  3. Pinterest is much like the other social network sites in that your settings are often defaulted to 'everything'.

    The trick is to make sure you control the settings and not the site!

    Your Pins will begin to show up as the default when you actually post enough pins.

  4. Thanks for the info ... I'm going to do the unfollow this weekdend and then play around with this some.

  5. Our family lives in Ohio, and we have been amazed at the wonderful winter they are having. We just heard on the TV this morning that this might be the warmest winter for the COUNTRY...WOW
    Thanks for the shout out, Karen. Glad all is going well with Pinterest. ~wheresweaver

  6. Great information Karen. I knew I'd be wise to wait to look into Pinterest until you had been using it a while. Think I'll keep waiting a bit although if I had it, I'd pin your info on how to unselect to it. LOL

    Interesting about the warmest winter in a long time. All over the east coast I think. Although they had 6" of snow finally in the mountains of Virginia a couple of days ago. Can we all say climate chos???

  7. I'm going to sign up for it soon. It took me two days to et reconnected to Facebook. I use bookmark folders a lot. This might be more useful for collecting information for future trips.

  8. we are going to Bahia Honda for a week in May. We are so excited it is so beautiful and peaceful and we had so much fun last time. Hope yall have a good trip!


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