Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Florida Keys Exploring

Florida Keys (high 82, low 71)

Yesterday brought low humidity and temps in the upper 70’s.  It felt pretty good.

We took a drive up to Marathon Key and did some shopping.  Al needed some pvc to make a storage shelf in the motor home basement.  We also picked up a little Dirt Devil cordless vacuum.  We found these at Home Depot.  This was the first time I ever saw lobster traps at a Home Depot….but here they are!

Only in the Keys!

lobster traps at Home Depot

Lobster season is a big deal in the Keys.  It starts the first of August and ends March 31st.  August first brings a flood of lobster divers to the keys…and lots of revenue.

Florida lobster can be found here in the in the Keys,the Gulf of Mexico,  and the Caribbean.  They look different from Maine Lobsters.  You don’t eat the claws, you eat the tail.  The meat is white and delicious.

Image Detail for   http   www.broward directory.com wordpress wp content uploads 2011 07 Lobster_1630.jpg

After Home Depot did a little exploring and found a pretty beach front park.  No swimming allowed, for some reason. 

pretty beach near marathon  pretty beachfront park near marathon

beach front park near marathon

Nice waterfront condo’s, with a million dollar view.

condos on the water

This next  house was a few miles offshore, sitting on it’s own little island.  I had to zoom way in, so the picture isn’t good, but you can see what a little fort it is.


Here is an interesting pontoon boat we saw going by on a trailer.  It looks like there is an underwater viewing area.  Kind of neat, huh?

pontoon boat with underwater viewing area

How about this little car.  Is it a car of a fancy golf cart?  Notice the air conditioner on the top?

golf cart or car?

After lunch, and a short nap Smile, we decided to take our chairs and books down to the beach area under  and do a little reading.  The tide was out and Al saw people coming back with ditty bags full of Stone Crab Claws.  He took a walk, looking for  some, but never found any….yet.

I found an interesting critter trying to wash up on the beach.

portugease man o war


It’s called a Portuguese Man O War.  You can’t see it in the picture, but they have a bunch of stinging tentacles that hang down in the water  as they float by.  You do not want to get stung!  This was such a beautiful critter.  The blues and pink colors, were kind of fluorescent.   I found a stick and helped him back into the water.  Even stinging sea critters deserve to live.

We took our normal evening stroll and watched the sun go down.  

sunshine key

sunshine key

another day in paradise


  1. I'd like to see a Portuguese Man O War someday.

  2. What gorgeous photos. I have never seen a Portuguese Man O War. It is so beautiful. Hard to believe it is so dangerous.
    That is one interesting golf cart. I wonder if he made it himself.
    Love your header photo. Great job on the blog. ~wheresweaver

  3. Awww what a good beachcomber you are to save the Man O War! They sure are beautiful----

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Loving your pictures of the keys.

  5. Another day in Paradise is right - makes you want to sing a Jimmy Buffett tune. Well, sort of!

  6. now that we're all over Rick's singing...

    looks like another awesome day! how can you stand them all in a row? love that pontoonie! and way to help out the sea life!!!

    have more fun!!!

  7. Beautiful header picture. Shame you can't swim there, wonder why not? Love the boat and the little car. You do see the strangest things. The Man O'War is lovely but I hope he doesn't come back to bite you - so to speak - for saving him.

  8. Great pictures, makes me want to head south:)

  9. So beautiful there. I used to live in Corpus Christi & they had man-o-war all over the beaches there. Seems I mostly see jellyfish in Galveston.


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