Sunday, March 04, 2012

Windy and Cooler

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 73, low 39)

The storm line that caused all the tornados in the south and midwest,  moved down to us here in central Florida last night.  It brought some gusty winds and a brief period of pretty hard rain, but nothing severe.   Many people didn’t even bring in their awnings.

This morning the sun is shining, but it’s still pretty windy.  I guess I can quit whining about it being too hot….and start whining that it is too cold.  Down to 39 tonight….brrrrr.   Last night’s low temperature was 77!  That’s quite a drop.

The community yard sale yesterday was pretty successful.  We sold most of the stuff we had by 10:30.  Some of the rest will go to charity and a few other things (like the 30 amp surge protector) will go on Craigs List.   Some things are worth putting on Craigs List and some things are best sent to Good Will.

I kept Al busy with our sale, and he didn’t get to hunt for any bargains!

Al has a wild hair that we need a new truck.  Our little Nissan Frontier works really well as our Toad,  but it has 135,000 miles on it.  I’m wanting to drive it another year or so.   He’s afraid something expensive will go wrong and we’ll have to have it fixed before we can sell it.   Right now we have it and the Honda CrV that we could use as trade-ins.  We have it all set up for towing,  plus we have the little topper on the back, and the kayak racks.  I really don’t relish the thought of doing that all over again.  Not only is it time consuming, but it can be expensive.  I’m trying to keep him away from the car dealers, but he tricked me yesterday and pulled into a Nissan dealer.  Fortunately, they didn’t have the truck we’re looking for!

My picture of the day was taken from Sunshine Key, watching the sun rise.  Less than 3 weeks until we’re on our way.  God willing!



  1. We have a Nissan Frontier they are good little trucks..

  2. We had the wind and rain here too last night and the dramatic drop in temperatures. It was 77 here at 10pm and then 51 when we woke up.

    I'm with Click & Clack, drive the car/truck until it won't drive anymore. You'll save more money than you'll get on a trade in.

    Glad you kept Al busy and that you sold most of your things. That makes it easier all the way around.

  3. I know as soon as Steve turns and takes a different way home, it's because he has pre-scoped-out another vehicle to look at! He already got a different one last month, so that is enough for this year!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Glad you were far enough south that the storm wasn't too bad. There just seems to be something about men and new trucks. Drives me nuts sometimes.

  5. Great news about your garage sale. We really have great luck with Craigslist.
    We had the winds and rain you are getting for a week in Mission...YUCK!
    Enjoy your week...hope it gets warm again.


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