Friday, March 16, 2012

Florida Top State for Tornado’s??

Zephyrhills, Florida  ( high 85, low 59)

There was an interesting article in the paper this morning.  It stated Florida was the number one state in the country for tornados.  That sure caught my attention, because having lived here for 30 years, we sure never had any problems with tornado’s.   The local paper clarified it.  We get a lot of  “water spouts”, which are small tornados that form over the water.  They normally die off before they hit land.  The land tornados we have are normally just very small and cause very little damage.    It’s not like we’re in tornado alley.  Thank goodness.

Yesterday, I  got everything all  put away after the Allure flooring installation on Wednesday.   So far, I  really like it. 

I had a couple questions in yesterdays comments, I thought I’d address here.

No, I didn’t freak out when he started disassembling our motorhome.  The steering column was not removed, just the plastic cover that surrounds it.  It was just two pieces. 

The dash thing, just involved a few screws.  All those wires were all inside and none of them had to be removed.  Eric made me aware there were fuses there so that if we ever have a problem, we could find the fuses.   

Eric did all the disassembly, but he was teaching his helper how to do it and explaining the process.  I heard a lot of  “you have to be careful with those screws, don’t tighten it too much, be careful how you put it back….slide it out carefully”….. that kind of thing, so I knew he was being careful.   That was comforting or I would probably have freaked.

Yes, slides can be an issue when replacing flooring in a rv.   After seeing all that Eric went through yesterday, I would never use someone who was not familiar with an Rv.  Someone who is a whiz at installing flooring in a house, would run into problems in an Rv.

Prior to the carpet removal, our slide did not make grooves in the carpet on this motorhome, but it did on the old motorhome.  When we replaced that carpet with Allure, we didn’t have any problems with the Allure being damaged by the slides. Each Rv is different,  so you have to take all that into consideration.  That’s why it’s so important to get someone that knows Rv’s.   If you’re thinking replacing the carpet in your rv, keep in mind the carpet and padding might be thicker than the replacement flooring.  The Allure isn’t nearly as thick as a laminate.

One thing I learned is that if you have ceramic tile in your motor home…take good care of it! It’s a booger to remove! We had 4 pieces by the door that he had to be removed.  They must have glued them down with extra strength super glue. He literally had to smash them to smithereens, and then scrape them up.  I never dreamed the tile would be so hard to remove.  Eric won’t remove large sections of tile because the furniture and  cabinets are placed on top of that tile and if you remove it, you’re cabinets are going to be wobbly. I never thought of that.

We are trying to get things wrapped up here in preparation for travel on Tuesday.  We ended up back at Verizon yesterday, because Al had more trouble with his cell phone.  He just got a replacement refurbished phone last week, but that phone was severely defective.  So he is waiting for another phone.  Hopefully it will arrive before we leave.

IF, we leave.   More health problems with Mom, so things are still up in the air.  For now, we’re making preparations to leave,  but we probably won’t know until Tuesday. 

Another Rv left here early this morning.  Pretty soon there will be a mass exodus of rv’s and snowbirds leaving Florida.  I wonder how many rv’s come to this state in the winter?   I often wonder how Florida doesn’t just sink into the ocean with all the extra weight from tourists!

any my picture of the day.  Baxter as a baby.  Wasn’t he adorable?



  1. Michigan Got slammed pretty good last night and Thank God there were no Fatalities.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I love kitten pictures. Yes, he was adorable. !wheresweaver

  3. They sure do grow fast! I always loved kittens..

  4. Your title really caught me off guard. Sure glad you explained it cause I was thinking tornado alley doesn't include Florida.

    You should have also posted a now picture of your fluff ball. He is such a cutie.

  5. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope you are able to get off on time. I was hoping the thyroid change would clear things up.

    You definitely got my attention with your title today too. Crafty you!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope you are able to get off on time. I was hoping the thyroid change would clear things up.

    You definitely got my attention with your title today too. Crafty you!!

  7. We'll be leaving Fla in 13 days, but we're full timers counted as snowbirds to the Floridian counts. Here's something of interest.

    I'm ready to travel. We hope to see you soon.

  8. hope your mom feels better soon.. and that you can leave with the peace of mind that shes doing well...

  9. I actually knew that little fact about Florida and that most of the tornados are classified F1. They can cause some damage but not like the damage the F3 to F5 that we see in tornado alley.

  10. Believe me, your post title got my attention. I was glad to learn Florida isn't too bad for tornadoes. Wow, that little Baxter sure has grown! Sure hope your mom starts feeling better.

  11. Hello from the real tornado alley!!!

    and he still is adorable!

  12. We saw a water spout tornado last year at Bahia Honda. It was really cool, but we got out of the water FAST!


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