Friday, March 09, 2012

A Nice Surprise

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 84, low 60)

When I started blogging, I never realized how many friends I would make,  or how much I would learn from others.

Yesterday the mailman brought us a package from someone in Georgia.  I didn’t recognize the name and when we opened the package it was a CD with the numbers “21” handwritten on the outside.  There was nothing else in the envelope, except a note saying “enjoy.”   What was this, who sent it?  Did it actually belong to someone else?  What could it be?    The numbers 21 should have told me, but I was having a senior moment I guess.

We got it home,  put the cd into the player and as soon as I heard the first 2 notes of the song, I knew immediately who sent it and what it was!

A few weeks ago on the blog,  I mentioned problems I was having downloading some songs by  the singer Adele.   I had  discovered her while watching the Grammy’s. 

I got a nice comment and email from Jim of the Meandering Maddox's, offering some suggestions on how to get the song I had paid for.  He said he had Adele’s album “21” and suggested I get the whole album because it was so good.  It is!

I intended to do just that, but after paying for 3 songs to download online, and only getting 2 of them, I was hesitant to buy the album online.  I figured I’d just pick up the cd at the store….but I never did.

So once we put the cd in, the music started playing and I heard Adele singing Rolling in the Deep, the mystery was solved.

Jim and Judy had sent us a copy of her album!   How nice was that?  I know they had to do some searching to get our address, but they took the time, packaged it up and sent it to us.  

If you haven’t found Jim and Judy’s blog yet, you might want to check it out and wish Judy a happy retirement.  Today is her last day of work after over 30 years in the banking industry.  They are starting a work camping gig soon and have their house on the market!

Thanks again Jim and Judy….hope to see you down the road, and congrats Judy on your long career!


Good news from the Ophthalmologist visit yesterday.  The pressure in both of my eyes was down, and I was off the medication to lower it.

I can now start planning on having the other eye done.  Oh joy!   I am not looking forward to that. I’m going to wait until after we get back from the Keys though and the doc thought that it would be fine.  I have no restrictions except I can’t take any meds that increase pressure…like antihistamines.  With the yellow pollen starting to blanket the cars, I may be in trouble.  Hopefully, it will be not a problem in the keys.

We’re planning a kayaking trip today….so pictures tomorrow.


  1. Isn't it neat to find out how wonderful people are. We hear so much lousy stuff on the news then somebody does something nice just because. I love that. The ash and juniper are going nuts here in AZ and I'm about ready to scratch my eyes out and I can't breath most of the time. But no antihistamines for me either - really sets off restless legs. So I hope you're able to just enjoy everything in the Keys.

  2. Great news about your eyes! I don't blame you a bit for waiting until after the Key trip to do the other one! I hope the pollen will be less there and it sure makes sense that it would be!!

    I love Adele and I'm so glad you got the CD. As soon as I read the #21 in your blog I knew what it was going to be!!! Did you see her interview before the Grammy's? She is bleeping funny!!!

  3. Adele has such a wonderful voice. I discovered ger during the grammy's as well.

    I haven't bought the album yet but me thinks that is going to be taken care of tomorrow! :)

    Have a fun trip to the Keys!


  4. That is just a wonderful thing for them to do. I'm amazed they could find your address if you didn't give it to them.

    Congrats on your eye. That must be a relief. I know my green envy is going to kick into gear as soon as you start blogging about the keys.

  5. What a great thing to get a surprise like that in the mail. AWwwwwww

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. I really believe that in this lifestyle it is the people you meet that make it so great and that includes all the people in blogland. Glad you got your music.

  7. now that is someone doing something nice for someone else!! great!.love Adele's music!!

  8. Glad all that discomfort with the treatment resulted in a good outcome:)

  9. Thanks for the "shout out"! I have noticed my readership has bumped up. I am going to keep an "eye" out for your medical updates and also keep my fingers crossed that everything progresses smoothly.

  10. nice was that. I love Adele but was dissappointed when Adele flashed her middle finger at the Brit Awards after host James Corden interrupted her acceptance speech. Not too smart after winning over so many at the Awards.
    Great news about your eyes! Prayers answered again! ~wheresweaver

  11. So glad your eyes are doing better. Here's hoping you survive allergy season with no problems. Enjoy the Keys.

  12. What a great gift to find - it's a great album.

    Enjoy your kayak trip - looking forward to some great photos.

  13. Glad to read that you eye is doing fine now. No polllen in the Keys, come on down.

  14. Glad to read that you eye is doing fine now. No polllen in the Keys, come on down.


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