Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Got Beat Up again

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 84, low 63)

Today was my follow up appointment with the Ophthalmologist after the Laser Iridectomy that was done last week.  He wanted to make sure my eye pressure was down and that the procedure worked.

I expected a brief exam and that I’d be out the door in just minutes….


When I spoke to the nurse while waiting for the Doctor, I discussed how uncomfortable the procedure was.  She said when her husband had it done, it took over 100 blasts of the laser to penetrate his eye.  Yikes….I thought 41 was tough.

The pressure in my eye was 36.  It was only 25 when I left the office last week and it should have been lower since it had a week to recover.

He said the Prednisolone drops I was using can sometimes cause certain people to have a rise in pressure.  He looked inside my eye several times and finally decided maybe he needed to hit it with another laser a time or two.  Oh lovely!  They have a different laser in the office and I agreed to it.

They put some drops in my eye which made me dizzy, a little nauseous and gave me a headache.  I was a bit concerned that it was causing the eye pressure to rise, but I was assured it was just the medicine.

This laser didn’t hurt….but the bright white light was like looking right into the sun and not squinting.  I think I prefer the other laser. 

The pressure in my eye had dropped before I left the office, so hopefully things will be okay.  I walked out the door, again feeling like I had been beat up.  It wasn’t a fun morning.

I have an appointment tomorrow to have pressure checked.  I’m expecting another quick visit….we shall see!  I’m taking Tylenol before I go….just in case!

Al and I finished watching the series,  Band of Brothers.   It was not the type of movie I normally would like.  It was all about war, shooting, killing….no love story, or mystery.  We thoroughly enjoyed it though because it was such a good history lesson.  It was about the American’s in  World War 2 in the European theater.  Tonight we are going to start watching Pacific. It’s the continuation that takes place in the Pacific theater.  Boy, what those men went through.  I have new appreciation for these brave men who fought these wars, and of course the men and women who are fighting right now.

How about the tornados last night?  Those poor people are having to deal with more storms tonight.  It always amazes me how these storms always seem to strike at night.  I sure am glad to be out of the south Georgia area.  It seems like  South Georgia, Alabama, and the Panhandle of Florida are always in the middle of this.  This time it struck a little further north.   It’s good to be further south and watching it on the news instead of from my back yard.


  1. So sorry you had such a time at the eye doctor's. I hope tomorrow is better and that your pressure is down. Take care.

  2. Your eye situation sounds rough. I hope it is finished now. You are really brave I'd say. Sounds so uncomfortable.

  3. Your eye situation sounds rough. I hope it is finished now. You are really brave I'd say. Sounds so uncomfortable.

  4. So SO sorry about your eye issue continuing to cause the trouble for you! I hope today was the last time for that eye!!!

    I've been looking at the pictures on the internet of the destruction in Branson today. We go there quite often so it was sad to see. They just had a 100 year plus flood last year so they're really having their share of disasters! One of them was 17 miles from some friends in IL too.

  5. Hub has had several eye surgeries. I always load him up on ibuprophen, before and after. It's not fun. You have my empathy.

    The officer, Buck Compton, who is portrayed in Band of Brothers, just died last Saturday at the age of 90. He became a lawyer after the war and was the prosecutor in the Sirhan Sirhan shooting of RFK.

  6. Sure hope these latest procedures take the pressure down in your eyes. It doesn't sound like an enjoyable experience that's for sure.


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