Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tin Can Tourists of Zephyrhills

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 85, low 64)

The rain throughout the state of Florida, finally came our way yesterday afternoon.  We got some pretty hard rain and even some thunder and lightning.  Fortunately, there was very little wind, and we didn’t even have to bring in the awning.

Eric, the carpet replacement guy came out yesterday and gave us an estimate.  His price was reasonable enough to make it worth hiring, verses doing it ourselves.  He will come to us, and we can stay inside the motor home while he’s working.  I warned him, I’d be watching his work.  Smile

The center area of the motor home has tile, we like it, and we’re not replacing that.  For now, we’re going to just replace the front living room carpeting.  Later this spring,  we’ll have him do the bedroom.  I think it’ll be much easier to just do one section  at a time, since he will have to move the sofa and captain and copilot chairs and move them into the kitchen area.  We’ll need a place to “live” while he’s working.

The cost, including the materials is $800 for the living area and another $800 for the bedroom area.  We’re on his schedule for March 12.  He’s a pretty busy guy with all the snowbirds in the state right now.  I’ll take lots of pictures and let you all know what kind of job he does.

If anyone wants some flooring done, his name is Eric.  His phone number is (352) 324-2894.  He installs carpeting, vinyl, laminate, whatever you wish.   I can’t vouch for his work yet, but his name was given to us by an RV dealer we talked to last year.  He seemed professional, and said we didn’t pay him until we were happy.  I still intend on getting a few references, but we think he will do a good job.  He understands the differences with rv’s compared to residential flooring. 

We got to talking to Eric a little bit and he mentioned that here in the town of Zephyrhills was where  “snowbirding”  began.

The first Snowbirds came to Zephyrhills in the early 1900’s.  They drove their vehicles down here and it’s said they brought canned foods, which were opened and heated on the car radiators.  They were dubbed, “Tin Can Tourists.” 

Eventually the "Tin Can Campers of America" was formed and visitors returned each year to sing songs, exchange stories and enjoy socializing with people from various states.  Zephyrhills has a LOT of rv parks and a LOT of visitors during the winter. 

When you go drive around here, you see very few Florida license plates, but lots of Quebec, New York, Vermont, Michigan, Maine….etc.


  1. Oh how interesting. Tin Can Tourists...how appropriate back then.
    Good luck with the carpet. Be sure to take a before and after photo. Glad you found a great guy to do the job. Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. Interesting history. Looking forward to see how the carpet project goes, as we could use some new carpet also.

  3. interesting beginnings of the snowbird lifestyle!!..tin can tourists!..how cute is that and very appropriate!

  4. That is a great story. Even then people were trying to escape the northern winters.

  5. Great story about the tin can tourists.

    Good luck with the new carpet - it'll be interesting to see how this work is done through your pics!

  6. Tic Cam Tourists are still active and had a gathering this last weekend at Sertome Youth Ranch in Brooksville. Check out the website http://www.tincantourists.com

  7. So interesting! You're always teaching us new things in your blog. Can't wait to see how the new flooring project goes! If you don't mind asking him a question, mine would be "is it possible to put heat under the flooring" as they do sometimes in bathrooms on the HGTV shows. Hubster spends quite a bit of time scooting along on the floor after removing his prosthetics and sometimes ends up sleeping there if he's having pain issues. I'm just curious, but I'm doubting if it's possible.

  8. Love hearing the history of the Tin Can Tourists. Looking forward to the new carpet pictures.

  9. That sounds very reasonable!! Looking forward to seeing some pics when he is finished.

    Interesting info regarding the "Tin Can Tourists of Zephrhills." I didn't know that!

  10. I can just imagine them. Wonder what they would think of the huge class A 40' RV!

  11. At one of the RV shows in Virginia a few years ago there was a guy with a fabulous slide presentation of the history of RVing with great pictures of the earliest RVS. He talked about the Tin Can Tourists. Maybe he mentioned Zephyrhills, I can't remember.

    When you get the carpet done I assume he is doing the console (engine cover) as well? Or perhaps you guys have a deisel and don't have one. We're close enough, and have time on our hands, so that if he does a good job we might have him do ours. I actually like carpeting better than tile. We have a section of golden oak wood floor in the kitchen but the rest is carpet.

  12. Luckily we only have carpet in the bedroom, which is in good shape and the rest is all tile. We'll see how it works out once we get on the road.

  13. Did he recommend the Allure? I wish I had installed just plain old linoleum that looks like wood. We have that in the 2nd bathroom and it seem to be easier to take care of. But I guess the Allure section gets so much more dirt and sand so I'm always sweeping.

    That's interesting about the Tin Can Tourists. That is what got my dad so interested in RV's I think. I remember my parents called a street in their park "Tin Pan Alley". I love hearing stories about the "old RV days".

    Looking forward to "watching" the new floor being installed.

  14. We'll be watching too. We have opposing slides in the living room and wonder how we can get the carpet out from under them and how to anchor the new flooring so as not to get caught by the slide when it is brought in.

    Heard the slides have to be removed but there has to be another way to do it.

  15. Looking forward to see what the finished product will look like.

    Kevin and Ruth


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