Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warming Trend

Zephyrhills, Fl   (hi  77, low 55)

We awoke yesterday morning to a temperature of 25 degrees….which as it turns out, is the temperature our heat pumps quit working!

We were told the heat pumps didn’t  work in temps lower than 40 degrees,  but that turned out to be false.   They have kept us nice an warm, until it got down to 25 degrees. This was the first time they shut down.  We sure are glad to have heat pumps this year, verses the propane furnace we used last year.  Once the heat pumps quit, we fired up the propane furnace.  It kicked right on and warmed things up but was a little stinky from not being run for so long.  It was also a little noisier and it frightened poor little Baxter.

I went to my eye appointment yesterday morning and the ophthalmologist confirmed what the optometrist found.   I do have “narrow angles” which causes the pressure inside my eyes to build up.  He gave me a good exam and scheduled me for the   iridectomy procedure next Tuesday.  He is only doing the right eye, then I will have to go back to get the left eye done.  I would have preferred to get them both done the same week, but he prefers to do one eye at a time.    He’s a great doctor and has quite an impressive wall of degrees and awards.  If anyone needs a good Ophthalmologist in the Tampa Bay area, Dr. Leonard Cortelli is the guy to see.


Blogger friends Sherry and David from  In The Direction of Our Dreams, are facing some tough times.  If you haven’t already, perhaps you could send them some positive thoughts.


Who is Paul McCartney?  I’ll be you all know!  Evidently when he sang on the Grammy’s the other night, Twitter lit up with people asking who he was!  Makes you feel old, doesn’t it?  They were asking if he was somebody new?


We’ve not done any kayaking or hiking lately, so I have no new pictures to post.  I didn’t think anyone would want to see picture of sweaty people working out at the gym!

Here is a picture from a past “fun day.”

hawk  beach by geiger key marina


  1. it is warming up here also..we're already up to 72 thank heavens...the nights have been chilly but I don't mind that its great for sleeping...baxter is the cutest kitten!!! Sounds like he keeps you entertained...

  2. We had rain sleet and cold temps Saturday and Sunday but Monday it was back to blue skies and 60s, suppose to be 70s today, yeah!!! Hope the surgery goes well.

  3. Glad to hear the eye problem is not a huge problem. It is amazing what they can do today. You'll be 20-20 in no time.

  4. I think most opth prefer to do one eye at a time, so I'm not surprised.

  5. Karen you are so kind to ask folks to send us good wishes. That must be why there are a record number of comments on the blog. :-)

    Glad to hear your eye problem is easily taken care of. I had a problem just recently as well but it was only a pebble that got up under my eye lid. YUCK! And how did that happen?? Really glad you've found someone you like to take care of it. I had to try 3 times to find someone.

  6. awesome kestrel!!!

    glad to know you hit it off so well with the dr. before you know it all will be over with and you'll be better than new!!!


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