Saturday, February 18, 2012

Word “Aggravation”

Zephyrhills, Florida  (hi 77, low 61)

It looks like the new word verification has been a hot topic on quite a few blogs recently.  I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers that have finally turned it off.   Thank goodness!

Evidently there were quite a few  that didn’t realize they had it turned on.  I double checked mine just to be sure.  I’d have been awfully embarrassed if mine had been on after all the complaining I did about it on others blogs. Smile with tongue out

When I checked my account, I decided to look through some of the “spam” comments that blogger had caught for me.  To my surprise I found three comments that  Rick made that were in the spam folder.  I don’t know why they singled Rick out.  There was nothing in his comment that resembled any spam.  I guess I will check them once in a while from now on. 

If you are still one of those bloggers who use the comment verification, and want to turn it off, but don’t know how,  check out Rick's blog for detailed instructions.  I know a lot of bloggers that are still reading, but not commenting on blogs with word verification/aggravation turned on.  Me included!

I noticed a lot of people turned theirs off yesterday, but this morning I ran across two that hadn’t.   grrrrr   No comments left my me!

It was cloudy yesterday and we got some light rain off and on.  There’s a cold front trying to come through  and we may get some more rain tomorrow.   It’s okay though, we really need some rain, and  we’re no longer dependent on the week-ends for our fun.Winking smile


Al worked Thursday and Friday, and I kept busy around here doing those procrastinated paperwork type things.  When went to the gym Thursday and evidently both of us overdid it a bit, because we were both a bit sore that night

I mentioned  in my last blog post about a flock of birds around here that I haven’t been able to identify.  They buzz around in a huge group and never sit still long enough to photograph.  I did manage to get some long distance shots of them in the air.  I’m hoping Judy, or someone else can help me identify them.

They aren’t as large as they appear in the photographs.  They  have a yellow belly, and there are hundreds of them all together.


The pictures are bad, but they were moving so fast and were at a pretty good distance.  I’m pretty sure they are not Cedar Waxwings.


Any ideas?


I ordered a dash cover for the motor home, a couple weeks ago from Rv Toy Store.  I immediately got a receipt showing my order was placed, but there was no shipping date or tracking number like I normally get from online purchases. 

I waited a sufficient amount of time with no tracking number, or order, so I sent them an email for a status.   They never bothered to respond,  so  I called them.   It turns out that the company they use to make these dash covers doesn’t have a pattern for our motorhome and I was out of luck.   Really?    Thanks a lot!

I always post about products we buy and like, so I thought I’d post about one we don’t  love!  I don’t think I’d ever purchase anything from them after this experience.  It could have been a fluke, but they lost any future business from me.

I really want a dash cover to protect the dash from little kitty claws, so I found another place that’s actually on the Lazy Days premises.   Lazy Days uses them for a lot of their custom work, so I know they’ll do a good job.  The place is Wade Rv.  They are more expensive, but they custom fit the cover to the motor home.  The only problem is that they need the motor home there to make a pattern.

That means a day spent at Lazy Days and a $350 bill.  We can’t do it until we leave here anyway, so it gives me a chance to look around.  We may have to leave here a day before we head to the Keys and get that done.


  1. I would guess they are Cedar Waxwings... do you hear a high pitch sound? They usually create large flocks this time of year to prepare to migrate north... beautiful birds if you can see them up close...

  2. I'm afraid I'd need a better picture to be sure, but when I click for an enlargement, they do look like waxwings.

    In my old rig, I made a cover for the dashboard by buying indoor/outdoor carpet at Lowe's or Home Depot and cut it with scissors to fit.

  3. heyduke and Judy

    I'll try again for a better picture. They are sure colored like them. These birds just don't land for any time at all though and Cedar Waxwings usually do.

  4. I am one of those who are totally embarrassed. I had no idea I still had word verification still on until Sam told me this morning. I thought I had turned it off years ago. So I tried to follow Rick's directions and of course I can't get back to the old format. So I've sent Rick an e-mail screaming for help.

  5. Don't know what the birds are... however there are a lot of them. We have used wade for several custom made things now I'll add that to our list since we'll be looking for one soon... Thanks for the info!
    Have fun

  6. Why not tell us the name of the company to avoid since they didn't bother to tell you that they couldn't fill your order until you contacted them?

    A group of cedar waxwings would be cool. Any berry bushes near by?

  7. I had to double check my settings to be sure, but I indeed had never turned in on:)

  8. My comments went to Spam?? Oh no! Blogger has figured me out - I'm done!

  9. Here's a link to a bird identification site I have been having fun with.

    Although is has apps for iPhone and such, you do not have to download anything to do a search. It's kinda fun to see if you can identify a particular bird.

  10. It would have been nice if Blogger had notified us in advance about the new anti-robot feature.

    You sure get what you pay for! ;c)

  11. I like the idea of using indoor-out door carpeting for a dash cover. I made one for Craig for one of his cars years ago out of felt, but it faded pretty quickly.

  12. Rick
    Only three of your comments went to spam...and there was nothing on those three that looked anything like an advertisement. I don't know why it happened. Does Blogger think you're a perve?


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