Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Interesting Wildlife Action Shots

Zephyrhills, Florida   (high 79, low 60)

We did a little exploring yesterday, or rather re-visiting some places we’ve been before. 

I got some interesting photos, I thought I’d share.

We went to Big Bend Power plant in Apollo Beach.


The power plant uses sea water which comes out very warm.  The warm water attracts Manatees in the winter months.

Big Ben power plant

Many years ago the plant built a visitor center so that people could come to watch the manatee.  It has become extremely popular and we normally visit it every year.

Due to the unusually warm winter we’re having here in Florida, there weren't as many Manatee as usual.  I certainly didn’t get as good of photos as I have from the Florida springs.


There were lots of Tarpon swimming around under the boardwalk.

tarpon at Big Ben power plant

Lots of Mullet too.

mullet at Big Ben power plant

Normally we’ve seen spotted leopard rays, but we didn’t see any this year.

However….we did see a dog that was left in a hot car. 

The windows and sunroof were down, but the dog was panting.  We notified a ranger there and by the time we drove back by, the owners were with the dog.  I don’t know what people are thinking.  It was 82 degrees yesterday and inside that car there was no breeze.  I know because I stuck my hand inside to feel how hot it was.

This is the second time we’ve seen this lately.  In the Keys we also reported a dog that was left in a car on a warm day.  If it’s 70 degrees outside, it’s too hot to leave a dog in a car.

When we reported the one in the Keys, we were told the dog would be removed from the car and taken into custody.  I assume they would break a window to remove the dog.  I wonder what the owners thought when they came out to find a broken window and a missing dog.  Sorry dog owners…but if you leave your dog in a hot car and I see it…I will report you.  There were signs all over the parking lot warning you not to leave valuables in your vehicle.  What is more valuable than your pet?

Okay…rant over….

I love this dead tree.

dead tree at eg simmons beach park

White Ibis







I initially thought this was a pair of Osprey on their nest.  After watching a few minutes, they started calling and then a third Osprey came flying in.


two osprey in nest

He didn’t stay long.  I then assumed that this was a pair and one of them was a youngster they were raising.

two osprey in nest

I kept watching and snapping photos until this happened.

osprey mating

I guess I know what was going on now.

mating osprey

It was kind of interesting to be able to photograph.  Osprey porn!



  1. Great pictures once again. I too report dogs left in hot vehicles, thank you for that!!! Angela

  2. We volunteered at Crystal River NWR a few years ago so your excellent photos brought back some good memories. Glad you report potential dog problems... don't you wonder WHAT were they thinking?

  3. I'm right there with you on animals left in vehicles when it's too hot for them!

    I also love the tree! Since you return to that area frequently, you should keep a diary of its' decay... sadly. There's a tree in Yellowstone that I'm doing that with when we visit. Fortunately, it's still standing. Or was at least last fall.

    As for the osprey... Great shots!!!

  4. We haven't been to the visitors center yet. I guess that will be some other time s since we'll be leaving the area soon. We did get to see some Manetee though.

  5. Osprey porn, pretty interesting. Great photos.

  6. Great post! Thank you for doing what I always do and find someone to report animals in distress to. I wait to make sure something is done.

    Amazing Osprey pictures!

  7. Wonderful pictures! Kudos to you on reporting the dog left in the car.

  8. Wonderful pictures! Kudos to you on reporting the dog left in the car.

  9. Thanks for making a dog rescue. Poor dog. See ya' tomorrow.

  10. Good job on reporting the dog left in a car - I really hate seeing that.

    Beautiful bird photos!

  11. Ahhhh you earned your halo in Doggie Heaven!

    Steve and Karen
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