Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Florida Keys….again

Zephyrhills, Florida (high 76, low 50)

We are enjoying a few days of cooler temps and low humidity.  It was a cool 50 degrees this morning, but the sun is out and it’ll warm up nicely. 

Unfortunately the humidity and warmer temps are on their way back.   I like the temperature to be warm enough for no heat and cool enough for no a/c. 

My “surgery” for my right eye is today.  All it is is a laser that makes a tiny hole in my iris.  I don’t expect it to be painful.  I hope I am right!

Yesterday, we visited Mom a while then went to Sam’s Club and picked up a Shark Steamer Mop.  Mom has had one for a while and loves it.  I  watched an infomercial the other night and decided I needed one too.  Winking smile

Sam’s Club had a nice one, but the cleaning pad is not your normal smooth micro fiber.  It’s a  bumpy type of pad, and I wondered if it would be as good as the smoother micro fiber padl.   Half of the motor home has a shiny marble looking tile.    I normally just take a damp towel and scoot it around with my feet. 

Unfortunately, the thick bumpy pad on the steam mop,  leaves streaks on my floor and it looks terrible.  It’s going back today.  I may get another one with a regular micro fiber pad and see if that works better.  It’s a nice concept but with my shiny floor it has to be dried and shiny smooth.  It would probably be fine on a different type of tile.

Well, I guess we’re getting hitch-itch too, because we’re dreaming of the Florida Keys again.

We already have reservations  at Sunshine Key Rv Resort for two weeks starting March 21st.  This morning I made reservations for another two weeks, so we will be there over a month.  We can only stay there 14 nights, then we have to be out (or off the Thousand Trails membership) for  7 nights before we can book TT again.  So, we have a week in between the two reservations where we might be homeless.  Anyone know of a good homeless shelter in they Keys?  Of course we’ll need full hook-ups!   We can stay at Sunshine Key, I’m sure, but their weekly rate is $399…..yikes!

This trip isn’t going to cost us the same as last time, where we paid $3.00 a night.  No…..this one is FREE!   We get our first 30 nights free, so this is better yet.  After the 30 free nights, it’s going to cost $3.00 for the rest of the year.    If it wasn’t for that pesky week in between, we’d be in real good shape!  We don’t know  where we’ll go in the off week.

We’re not 100% sure we will be able make the trip, but we needed to make reservations, just in case. We need to make sure my brother is still doing okay, since he will have to take care of Mom.   I guess it’s like any other plans….they are always in jello anyway!

Here are just a few memories from our last Keys trip.

al kayaking under bridge




baby Key Deer of Big Pine Key


pink house at geiger key



We had such a good time and you just don’t find any better kayaking then the Keys! 


  1. Enjoy your stay in the keys and take advantage of your membership camping, sure makes things much more affordable.

  2. Great photos. Wishing you the best on your eye surgery. ~wheresweaver

  3. We'll be anxious to know how your eye surgery comes out.

    Back to the Keys sounds heavenly. Not in the cards for us though I'm afraid. So we'll have to enjoy it on your blog!

  4. Good luck with your eyes today. Be sure to let us know how it goes. The Keys sound wonderful. We had a great time when we were there.

  5. I suppose boondocking in the Keys is the start of a funny joke. Sure looks nice, though.

    The Good Luck Duck

  6. No…..this one is FREE!

    Maybe I missed it, or I forget...but what did you pay for the membership. I often read of people camping cheap or free with these memberships, but they conveniently forget to mention what they paid for the actual membership. Yes, I know of Passport America, but I think this is a little different?


  7. Hoping to hear the eye surgery was a great success and you are back home safe and sound; all healed!

    Sounds like you have great plans... jealous!!!

  8. Hope your eye surgery goes well. Did you get to pick the site you wanted in the keys, or do they assign you one upon arrival. I wish I knew the dates when we will be there so I could go ahead and make our reservation but I suspect we will be at least for a few days when you are there.

  9. Hey don't you leave until I see you young lady! Sounds like fun in the keys I love it down there. If I keep reading your blog I will have to get a RV ha ha

  10. Nice pictures, you can never have to much time in the keys ;)

  11. Sherry...maybe next year, the Keys will be in the cards for you guys.

    Kevin and Ruth. We paid $398 for the membership. It's an annual membership and we only have the southeast zone with 6 extra campgrounds in Florida. I explained it on my January 14th post.

    We call the parks ahead of time to make sure they are aware we have a big rig. When we get there, they normally give us a choice of sites. Make your reservations as soon as you can.

    Karen and Ken...I know just the place for you to buy your new RV :)

  12. good luck with the surgery!!!! will be watching for an update...your trip to the keys sounds wonderful..great pics of your past trip...

  13. Good luck with your eye surgery. Nice photos!

  14. Thanks. Please give us an update when the year is up to average out how valuable the membership was.


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