Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit With Friends

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 81, low 62)

On Sunday morning, we went to the gym, and after a trip  home to clean up, we went to visit our friends Rhonda and William.  Rhonda and I worked together at USAA Insurance and have tried to keep in touch through the years.

Rhonda, who might be considered a little “tech challenged”  had gotten a new camera for Christmas.  She couldn’t get it to work, and wondered if it might be defective, so she wanted me to look at it.  It took me a minute to realize it was a camera that had  a detachable lens and as soon as I put the lens on, it worked just fine.  Winking smile  We all got a good laugh at Rhonda’s expense!

We had a wonderful dinner of ham, squash casserole, Cole slaw, sweet potatoes, and rolls.  We had a nice afternoon and enjoyed visiting with them again.  Thanks guys!

We came home and continued watching the tv series,  Band of Brothers.  I didn’t think I would like it, but it’s actually a very good series with a lot of history.  There is a lot of shooting in the movie (imagine that) and it appears that the shooting makes Baxter crazy.   With the surround sound, you feel like bullets are buzzing around the motor home.  I guess Baxter notices too, because he gets the crazies every time we play that movie.

We were surprised to  hear the Daytona race was delayed due to rain.  We had a cloudy day with about two minutes of rain in the morning, but nothing severe, or long lasting.  I guess it must have rained pretty hard in Daytona.  We have a 50% chance of rain today again, so it may be delayed again today.

I’ve been hearing reports of gas being $6.00 a gallon here in Florida.  I understand there are two stations near Disney World that are gouging tourists at that price, but the state average is $3.70 a gallon.  It may very well be near that by the summer, but for now it’s only $3.70.  Of course, diesel is over $4.00.

The following are some memories from our last visit to the Keys. 

How about Picasa’s new  feature?  It makes for an interesting picture, doesn’t it?

pelican kayaking from bridge at sunshine key

Jeanne’s post reminded me of the beautiful sunsets in the Keys….can’t wait to get back.


I love to see the sun appear to melt into the ocean.



  1. I guess I'm going to have to break down and learn something else new. Picasa, SIGH!

  2. I'm like Rhonda - so techie challenged it's pathetic. That's why I never want to buy anything new. Nice to keep friends around like you that can figure it out for us.

  3. $7.00 a gallon? I thought California had the most expensive gas. I saw diesel at $4.39 the other day. I try not to look.

  4. When you're in a position to watch a sunset over the ocean like that, be sure to watch for a green flash. I was fortunate to see one on Captive Island about 15 years ago. It's a once in a lifetime experience.

  5. Should be Captiva Island. It's off the coast of Fort Meyers. Sorry.

  6. Please don't remind me of the gas prices. We are suppose to do a huge trip this summer. I am getting ill just thinking of the gas prices!d ~wheresweaver

  7. I watched "Band of Brothers" once. It was excellent and well worth watching. However, I will not watch it again, whereas Al does. Like Baxter, the gunfire makes me anxious and jumpy. We paid $3.99.9 for diesel today in Chiefland. I have budgeted for higher this summer, not happily though, and making plans for exploring the areas of Colorado that are close to where we are working, rather than ranging farther afield. Longer term plans are also being modified, sadly, because of expenses like higher fuel.

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