Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Heading to Weeki Wachee River

Zephyrhills, Fl  -  (high 82, low 57)

We haven't been doing much interesting or fun lately so we decided it was time we got busy and went kayaking.

Today, the plan is to head up to the Weeki Wachee River State Park, and do some paddling.  It’s another of our favorite Florida rivers.  Pictures coming.

We have been talking to our neighbor, Pat.  She is a licensed massage therapist .  She does chair massages for $7 or a full hour massage for $35.  We are going to get a massage before we leave this winter.  She’s quite an amazing person.

To look at her, you’d never know what a bundle of energy she is. She’s our age (or older) and has a problem with her hip so she walks with a limp.

Don’t let her fool you.  Last week-end, she went on a 35 mile bicycle ride both days!

She told us stories about long bicycle/camping trips where she and a group went for hundreds of miles…in the mountains!   She said the most she’s ever ridden in a day was 90 miles!   I couldn’t even sit on an electric bike for 90 miles. 

She’s evidently in excellent shape and she mentioned a local gym she recently joined.  You can join on a month to month basis.  Al and I felt guilty after hearing about her exploits, so we joined the gym.  It’s $64 each and we get a membership for 2 months.  I hope we will use it.  Our history with gym memberships is not good.  Smile

Yesterday was spent getting new tires on the truck.  A necessary evil.

We did manage to sell our Roadmaster Brake Buddy that we had bought used and never even hooked up.  We decided to get rid of some of these things while the snowbirds are here.  We also have a portable ice-maker, small freezer and 30 amp surge guard for sale on Craig's list.

Our new patio chairs arrived yesterday and I think we’re going to really like them.  It turns out they had them at the local Camping World store, but they were hiding in a back corner and boxed up, so we never noticed them. 

Our picture of the day.  This picture is of me, my Dad and Mom.  It must have been taken in the 50’s.  I came across it at Mom’s house and didn’t recall ever seeing it.  I snapped a picture of it with my camera…easier than scanning.  Evidently I liked sunglasses way back then!


Dad, Mom and Karen age 6-8


  1. Wow.. 90 miles in one day???? on a bike??? what a gal!

    Loved the old timey pic of you and your folks. Back then, people sure must have been proud of their cars, because I found so many photos of that era in our album, posed in front of the newest automoblie. Part of the "Baseball, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet" era, huh?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Love the old photo! Such a little cutie. Your mother looks so pretty. My family seemed to have their photos with cars also. Daddy bought a new one every two years, often off the showroom floor (Cadillac, Packard, Buick, Lincolns - his favorites).

    Sounds like you are going to have more kayak fun.

  3. nice family photo..I think we all have ones like that in front of the family car!!

  4. Great picture of you and your parents! I really enjoy old pictures, and have used the digital camera copy method a lot. I still prefer scanning if I can use it, but the camera is still a good system:)

  5. We just ordered a portable ice maker yesterday. You didn't use yours? Any particular reason why? I hope we aren't making a mistake. I also noticed you are getting rid of a small freezer. We have one and I can't imagine getting ridding of it.

  6. I love Weeki Wachee. Glad you are going there so I can see it again.

    We also had pictures in front of the cars in the 50's. Must have been the thing to do.

  7. What fun with old pictures!

    Hope you are having fun at that funny named river! Waiting for the pictures!!

  8. Fun memories with old photos. I can't even envision 90 miles on a bike ... what a woman!

  9. I'm with you...90 miles would hurt my rear end much less my legs!!

  10. love the picture...seems all our photos back in the 50's 60's are in front of cars...great looking family..snazzy car too!!! would love to have it now!!


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