Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dumb Move

Zephyrhills, Florida  (hi 82, low 58)

The cold front only lasted two nights and not it looks like it will be time to turn back on the a/c.

Yesterday started out with Al heading off early to do some of his few remaining pest control accounts. 

After my normal coffee/computer time, I had plans to tackle a few paperwork tasks around here.

Unfortunately, that all changed when I realized I must have left my purse at the doctors office the day before.  I very rarely take my purse anymore, since Al drives and he carries the cash and a debit card.    No reason to lug around the heavy purse.  I stick a lipstick in my pocket and carry my Droid phone…what else do I need?

I called the doctors office….they said the cleaning crew hadn’t found it.

I was skeptical.  I knew it wasn’t in the motor home or car and we hadn’t been anywhere else after leaving the doctors office.  I knew it was either there, or someone had picked it up.

I decided to drive down and check for myself.  I know how cleaning crews are.  If they don’t see any dirt, it doesn’t get cleaned.  Smile

I got down there and one of the women techs came out and said they cleaned the office real good last night and there was no purse left there.  Absolutely, no way was it there.  Still, I was skeptical.

So…..I asked if they minded if I checked the rooms myself.  I was in 4 different rooms, but I wasn’t sure exactly which four.…and they have a bunch of rooms.   I found my purse in the second room I checked.  It had fallen down by the wall and the color blended in with the color of the carpet.  Yeah…they clean real well.  Boy was that woman embarrassed after assuring me how well they cleaned! 

At least I found it and I could breathe a sigh of relief!

So after that little 18 mile jaunt, I decided to go to the optometrist and get my new reading glasses and change my contacts.  The trial pair he gave me weren’t working so I need to try a different brand.

I got home, messed around on the computer, trying to put some music on my iPod shuffle and on Al’s Fuze mp3 player. 

While watching the Grammy’s the other night, we discovered that we really like Adele.  What an amazing singer she is.

Unfortunately, I downloaded her hit Rolling in the Deep and I got a confirmation, but no song.  It shows that I have down loaded the song…but I can’t find it.  They have a cloud program and I thought I might have messed up when I downloaded it.  I tried another song…no came right through.

Unfortunately, there is no where (that I could find) to get a live person to help you and their online help system was of no help.  I finally decided to download the song again..another $1.29.  It told  me I had already downloaded the song and asked if I was sure I wanted it again.  Yes…and the same problem. The song was nowhere to be found.  I did get a message saying there was a problem and they were working on it…but no song and still nothing this morning.   grrrrrrr..  

It seems I am not up on this stuff anymore and everything has changed since I last downloaded any music.   I don’t want to have to do a lot of learning or thinking…I just want what I want when I want it.  It might have been cheaper to download the whole album.  The problem with that is getting it onto my iPod and Fuze!

As hard as I try, I can’t seem to keep up with all the technology.

I guess I’ll have to work on it more today because we found we enjoy working out at the gym much more with some peppy tunes to listen to!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. You may have lost a song but at least you found your purse so that's a bonus!

    I'm guessing that Adele's song will probably show up in your iTunes library at some point.

  2. Good thing that you found your purse, Maybe the cleaning staff might not have turned it in.

    Keeping up with technology is a challenge to say the least, I think it changes everyday. Good luck.

  3. Ah, technology. Nothing like it to get your blood pressure up when it doesn't work right. Who needs a gym? ;c)

  4. So glad you found your purse. I know that sick feeling i get when I think (or am sure) I've lost mine. Technology will always be changing and it is frustrating to try and keep up but its almost a necessity in our world.

  5. Glad you found your purse!!

    I'm with you on music and exercise. My feet won't move til the music starts;o)))

  6. Whew - good thing you found your purse!! Couldn't even begin to help you with the issues you are having with your music (or lack thereof!!).

  7. Whew - good thing you found your purse!! Couldn't even begin to help you with the issues you are having with your music (or lack thereof!!).

  8. Scary, but then funny about the purse. Good for you, not taking their word for it.
    Im like you... I dont carry a purse much any more. I make sure that Jeff has his wallet, and I put a chapstick in my pocket and take the cell phone.

  9. Good thing you did not take the Doc's office at their word. I wonder how they keep track of medical records there:)

  10. Glad you found the purse with the money to pay for the song twice! Now I hope it shows up soon from its' travels thru cyberspace!

    And I hear ya on your thoughts on technology!

  11. Agreed on Adele ... plan to download her song ... will warn hubby about your experience. Technology's great when it works; not so much when it doesn't. But we're all hooked either way.

  12. Karen,
    The Adel down load may have downloaded to your "music" folder on the hard drive (C.). I have the Rapsody music service and when I purchase music it is downloaded to my Music folder (default) and resides on my hard drive. I can then "burn"it to a CD or other device for potability. Of course I can play it anytime using the window's media player. I highly recommend the entire "21" ablum/download. You may want to take a look at the Rhapsody Music Service. I am listening to Adel "21" now as I read my blog list! Good Luck


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