Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Free Day

It’s a beautiful morning with bright sunny skies and cool temps.  We have no garage sale today and nothing pressing that we have to do.  Ah, life is good!  I”m reading blogs and searching for new (used) motor homes.  Al is searching for motor homes and reading about his football draft.  Yes, it’s a good morning!

We had a good garage sale on Friday, and made $172  but Saturday was a bust and we only made $85 with very few customers.    I’ve been making note of all our sales on the blog and and one of these days I’m going to go back and add it all up. 

We’re continuing to have dog issues during each sale.  Sweet Pea and Bella (the Jack Russell) have been coming to help with each sale.  Of course, they are not much help.  They have to greet everyone and then Bella runs around the cars when they are trying to leave.  We worry about their safety, so we’ve been coaxing them into pet carriers and locking them up for the duration of the sale.  Of course we then have to explain why we have 2 dogs locked up!

We have nothing pressing to do today, so we’re trying to decide what to do.  I had thoughts of cleaning the motor home and making a new batch of soap.  Al has thoughts of a run to Camping World.  We need to replace the black and grey sewer valves, and we need to get the parts.  We’ve heard too many horror stories about them going bad with a full black tank.

I guess we’ll see what the day brings.


  1. Enjoy our day for some R&R and do something you enjoy!

  2. Forget things that have to be done at least for half the day and just enjoy. Where are the dog's owners? They should be grateful that you are animal lovers and do what you can to protect their dogs.

  3. I think you both deserve a day off from work to just do whatever you want. You guys have been working pretty hard lately.


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