Friday, May 20, 2011

Insurance Question

I called Gilbert Rv Insurance (our agent) today to get a quote on some fulltimers coverage.

They wrote our policy when we first bought this motor home.  It’s insured with American Security and is a “replacement cost”  policy.  In the event of a total loss, we would get that stated amount for our rv, rather than the standard ACV (actual cash value).  That figure is probably twice as much as the value of the coach right now (ACV).

When I called Gilbert for a quote, she came back with quotes from Progressive and Nationwide.  As a previous claim adjuster, I’ve seen how other insurance companies work and I definitely do not want to use Progressive.  Anyway, the quotes were for ACV (actual cash value) NOT the purchase price coverage like we currently have.  When I questioned it, she said  they no longer write for American Security Insurance and that the other companies would not write a purchase price policy. 

I called American Security to ask them for a quote for fulltimers coverage and they were surprised that Gilbert no longer wrote for them.  They said they do not write the policies there and use agents, and that Gilbert was the only agent that could write their rv policies.  What a crazy system!  I sure wish USAA wrote rv policies.

Anyway the guy at American Security said he would check out why  Gilbert said they would no longer write with their company, and get back to me.

So my question to you fulltimers out there is: who do you insure your rv with?  I’m not looking for the cheapest policy, but a good  “A” rated company with excellent claims handling.  Any suggestions?


Nothing new on the house sale, except the Realtor wanted our meter numbers so the buyers could get the electricity switched over to their names.  I guess that is a good sign! 

Al is on his way back from Tampa, so I need to get busy, so he won’t think I’ve been goofing off while he’s been gone…(which I have).  I managed to finish my book  The Help.  It was set in the early 60’s in Mississippi and was a story about black maids working for wealthy white women.  It showed how poorly those women were treated, and how things were starting to change back then.  It was an interesting book and I enjoyed it. 

No Friday garage sale today, but we’ll have another one tomorrow.  We’re starting to have more junk than good stuff, but we do have a few large shelving units and tv stands for sale.  Al still has some more rusted out cans of paint that he will put in the “free” pile.  It’s amazing what people will take for free.  I have so many half empty spices, lotions, creams, and all that kind of stuff you have in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  It’s perfectly good stuff, but I just don’t have the room for all of it.  I think I’ll put some in the free pile…I bet someone will take it!

I don’t  know how many of you read  Merikay's  blog, but she is down in the dumps and could use some cheering up if you get a minute.


  1. We do have Progressive because they actually gave us the best coverage for full timing. Not the cheapest but the best coverage. We also were apprehensive about Progressive but the agent who worked with us and checked several other companies still recommended them. Hopefully we never need to find out how good they are.

  2. We use GMAC and have no problems with them... My husband takes care of all that so I can't give to much info on it but I do know we have repkacement value on the motorhome. Hope this helped!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. I recently got mine, and I chose Progressive. They were the most responsive to my request for quote (some I didn't hear from for a couple of weeks - that doesn't bode well if I have a claim!). The price was good and I'm covered for what I paid for my RV in case of total loss. I haven't had to use them yet, but I was comfortable choosing them.

  4. I gather that you do not like Progressive. We do have Progressive and we got this thru USAA. We had to do that because we also carry an umbrella policy with USAA, so all insurance has to be thru them. We have an agreed value policy with them.

    Since we changed our legal address to FL, the policy is quite a bit higher than when it was for OH.

    Our only experience with them on claims is great. In our first year on the road we were hit by a drunk driver in LA and they handled that great. We had great service and they were very accommodating in letting us conduct the repairs where and by whom we wanted.

    So while not happy with the cost these days, are very happy with the service so far.

  5. Our agent is in Sioux Falls, SD and the insurance is through Allied which is a division of Nationwide. Our rate jumped $300 the first year - that was a shock. $1200 a year now. We haven't filed a claim (except for a windshield chip). The agency has been very responsive any time I have needed to ask a question.

  6. Sounds like you need a new agent. Several people had recommended Gina to us with Epic Insurance (605-271-8100) She is located in Sioux Falls SD but can write for any state.

    She really understands full timers and knows what policies work well. We went with a company that has full replacement cost and covers our purchase price. The deductible lowers each year that you do not file a claim and our rate did not go up when renewing this year.

    She is easy to reach and has been very responsive to our occasional phone calls.

  7. I got some good fresh ocean air today so I'm feeling a bit better. Thanks for thinking of me.

  8. We went through Miller Insurance Agency and used Misty as our agent. She gathered quotes based on South Dakota being our residence. We will have our truck insured with GMAC, our Fiver with National Interstate Insurance Company, and our umbrella with RLI Insurance Company. Miller works a lot with fulltimers and know the needs for coverage. I think we will also go with CoachNet for our emergency towing.

  9. We have our full-timers coverage through Miller Insurance, our agent is Cheryl Howarth. The coverage is by Victoria Insurance. Our bikes are covered by Progressive. We also have an umbrella policy for liability, etc.


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