Wednesday, May 04, 2011


We have been busy putzing around the house but have not really gotten anything accomplished.

The delays/lack of action on the sale of the house have made it hard to stay motivated.

We have had lots of friends come to visit though and here are a few pictures of our regulars.

Miss Bella

Al and Bella

Bella the Jack Russell

She is a pain in the butt, and is always in the way, but she’s cute and we like her!  She is so energetic and runs and jumps around all over the place.  When she and Sweet Pea come for the garage sale, they both get locked up in their cages!  The other day, I was mowing and I noticed that I was being followed.  I had to ride the mower back up to the house  so that All could cage her until I could finish.  The last thing I need is to mow down a dog!

Bella and Sweet Pea really like to visit us and come quite often.  We’ll miss those two….and NO, they are not coming with us!

Sweet Pea

Al put a bird feeder right outside our bedroom window and we get a LOT of action there, including Bluebirds.


Yesterday I saw what I first thought was a Purple Finch feeding a Tufted Titmouse.  I quickly got my camera and soon found that it was not a Titmouse, but a juvenile  Purple finch.

Purple finch and baby

Purple Finch and baby

Mama Purple finch feeding baby We have someone that wants to buy the golf cart and is willing to wait until we have closed.  However, the golf cart quit running the other day.

We rely on the golf cart around here as a work vehicle and we’re really missing it.

We had noticed a loss of power when going up hills, but it seems to stay charged okay, and runs fine on level ground. 

Al thought it might be the solenoid, so he replaced it.  We hoped it would run….but it didn’t.

The 6 batteries all check out okay and the wires are all good and tightly connected.

Any golf cart experts out there with any suggestions?  I found a website and there is a guy there that is offering suggestions, but we’re open for more :)

We had a cool front pass through last night and we’re only expecting temps in the mid 70’s.  What a nice change.  I hope we can get motivated and get something done!


  1. Bella and Sweet Pea look like a lot of fun. How are the kitties doing?

  2. We need an update on Squeaky. Bella is really a cutie but being underfoot all the time could get really interesting. Glad you have cages to put them in to keep them safe. Know nothing about golf carts, but I hope you get yours running. Don't lose hope on the house sale. We all still have our fingers crossed for you.

  3. Mowing down a dog would definitely put a damper on the day :)

  4. Nice to have those little doggie friends to come around and visit.

  5. Jack Russells are notoriously high energy dogs. I could never keep up with one.
    Love the bird pictures! That zoom is really nice to have.

  6. My dogs were "neighborhood" dogs for a number of years. Then we got some new neighbors who didn't like their visits so we enclosed our 3 acres with a "dog watch" fence. It is a wire underground and the dogs wear a collar that gives them a shock of they cross it.

    They are warned by a buzz before they get to the wire, and after the first day neither of them wandered again.

    It might seem cruel, but our land is not fenceable and we needed to keep them home.

  7. Such sweet visitors! Love the bluebird picture! I have not been able to attract bluebirds and I am soooo disappointed.


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