Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Close

We spent Memorial Day working around the house and yard.

The bedroom set went Sunday and the recliners went yesterday.  We have no place to sit inside the house and it’s really sounding empty.

The big things we have left are the washer and dryer,  the big zero turn mower, the desk and the little push mower. 

Al has a guy that swears he will take the mower once we close.  I hope he’s a man of his word because if he’s not, we will have a big problem.  He was supposed to send us a deposit last week, but he “forgot” and now it’s too late.  That makes me a bit nervous.  I hope he doesn’t plan to come here at the last minute and re-negotiate the price,  thinking he has us over the barrel.   The mower and the washer/dryer are my main concerns right now and we were offered $200 on the washer/dryer yesterday.  I was hoping for more, but I may just have to let it go for that amount.

We’ve about decided to keep our utility trailer.  We can store it inside the storage building and it will be useful when we need to move our stuff from the storage building here, down to one in Florida.  We know Florida will be our home base and it’ll be nice to have a place to put unseasonal items when we’re not using them.  We just need to find a place in Florida that is not so expensive.  We’ve done some pricing and they are much more expensive then here in Georgia.  We don’t want to pay $100 a month when we’re paying $5o here.  We get depressed when we see how much stuff we have in the storage building, but we have to keep reminding ourselves how much stuff we don’t  have anymore and realize we did the best we could.  Some of the stuff in the shed are things that will be going with us, like kayaks and scuba gear.  Some of it are winter items..clothes and blankets, heaters and such.  Some are things that didn’t sell, like one set of china (we sold 2 sets).  Some are things we just haven’t made up our minds on, like tools.  We’d rather keep a few of these items and since we have a storage building anyway, it’s no problem….except the buildings getting pretty full!

The house is slowly but surely getting emptied out.  Like I said before, it’s the small stuff.  I’m making piles for our friend Debbie and Al’s mooch friend Tommy.  Tommy will take most everything…trash included Smile  He’s a pretty good guy to have around and he’s very happy to take our trash!  Like they say, my trash is someone's treasure.

We enjoyed a very cool evening last night with temps falling down to 66 degrees. Boy is that nice sleeping with the breeze blowing in the windows.  I’ll bet we won’t be getting much more of that once we head south.  Merikay…you are right, we should head north, but Al has to be back in Tampa in a few weeks, so unfortunately that’s the direction we’ll be heading.   It’s going to be another scorcher here today with temps in the mid 90’s.  We’re trying to get started early and avoid some of the heat, but we just have a hard time getting started until we’ve had a few cups of coffee.

We expect (hope) to get a final closing date confirmed today.  I sure hope there are no problems or delays.  Wish us luck!

The following picture is the “prize” we’re going to be heading towards very soon!



  1. I hope that lawn mower guy comes through for you. Sounds like you're down to the nitty gritty now!

  2. I wished we lived closer we could purchase the mower..lol.

    We have started making the "piles" absolute must be kept in storage...plan A..rv packed for living out in the open at the farm..plan B...rv on the road for hurricane call out...
    plan C...rv used only as our bedroom and den..while living under a newly built steel structure with kitchen,utility and bathroom enclosed in structure.

    Of course this all has to be accomplished when the house sales..lol But a girl needs to have her plans!!

    I have learned alot from you and others..just let it go!!

    We have decided to put in some extra rv hookups and sewer lines at the farm for future visitors...hint..hint..hint..lol
    Maybe next Spring to see the wildflowers.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Those final items can be tough to get rid of. It is great if you have someone who will take anything.

    We had a friend who I called "Sanford and son". He and his sons took all kinds of junk. It was really great. They even took a long dead battery. They turned out to be be our final cleaning crew:)

  4. the prize is looking mighty fine!!..you are almost there!

  5. At the end for us I loaded all of the small stuff that was left in boxes and just dumped it off at the Rescue Mission. I just couldn't stand to try and do anything else with it. Now to get through closing and then you can grab that prize.

  6. 66 degrees that was nice that was our high minus wind chill abou 35 Kohn

  7. You are soooo close, and will soon be rewarded for all your hard work. It's nice to be able to comment again, I just downloaded Chrome and it seems to work so far. Have a good week, and try to stay cool.

  8. Good luck! Hope the closing goes as planned so you can be on your way in just a few days now.

  9. Only a few more days! Love the sunset picture.


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