Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We’re Back in Business

We finally got the golf cart fixed yesterday.  We had been without it for over a week and we really missed it.  Last week we found a guy that worked on golf carts at a golf cart dealer in town.  He also worked on them on the side.  We talked him into coming to the house.  He ran a few tests and found the micro switch to be bad.  He replaced it in about 2 minutes and we were back in business!  He  only charged $30!  I was shocked that it was so cheap, so we gave him an extra $10…probably should have given him more. 

It’s so  nice having it back.  We use all the time and is invaluable in our moving and selling process!

We also got our truck repaired yesterday.  It had been squealing off and on.  Al had been told it was a tensioner pulley, or the air conditioner.  We found a mechanic in town and he checked the pulley’s and adjusted the belts.  It appears the squeal is gone!   He was reasonably priced and appeared to be honest.  Two for two!

I’m ordering the Microsoft Streets and Trips software today.  I was not lucky enough to win one from the many people that got free copies :)   I saw one on ebay that had some kind of gps thing with it.  Is that something I would need/use?  We already have a gps.  I heard a few days ago Amazon had them on sale, but when I went there, the price had gone up. 

We didn’t hear anything back from the appraiser yesterday.  We’re hoping we’ll hear today. Thanks everyone that helped me to understand the I appraisers process.

Our temperature got up to 98 degrees yesterday!  Needless to say it was miserable.  We really need to start working earlier in the day, but we just can’t see to get motivated until we’ve had a few hours of coffee/blog time!


  1. Glad you got the golf cart fixed. They really are a great thing to have. I use mine every day and Roger uses his too. Hope you hear from the appraisal today.

    I bought the Microsoft Streets and Trips in 2009 and got the GPS with it. I have used the GPS while traveling down the road. It gives me a better view of where we are and where we want to go. However, it disagrees with our dash GPS sometimes and that drives Roger crazy. I use the software mainly for trip planning - I haven't bought the latest version because I read a lot of bad reviews.

  2. Margie
    I wonder if I should buy one of the older versions??

  3. The new version of the Streets and trips will with with some other GPS's but not all. When I had my raffle I had one winner that won the version without the GPS but they had an older version that had come with one and that one worked with the new version.I think if the price is right I would go ahead and buy the one that already has the gps packed in it.Be safe out there. Sam &Donna.

  4. That is great news about your gold cart and truck. Great price too!

    We got a trial version at the FMCA rally of Street and Trips. It lasts for 90 days. We used to plan our trip out to Colorado. It is great and Geeks on Tour have some videos that were very helpful in how to use it.

    Our trial version did not have the GPS. I really don't think between my Garmin and Droid navigation we need anyone else talking to us! John would probably self distruct. :)

  5. Glad things are running smoothly again. We use a MAC and when I hear about streets and trips I wish I could fid something comparable for MAC I have heard so many good things about it. I wouldn't trade my MAc for a PC but sometimes I wish I had both.

  6. I LOVE Microsoft Streets and Trips and buy a new one every year... We have been using it for 7 years. If you have never owned it then you will need the one with the GPS device. I plan all my trips with it and use it as we go down the road. It also has Points of Interest that we use all the time especailly where we are parked. I highly reccommend it! That and the Next Exit book are my traveling assistants. I also would like to say DON'T use 2 GPS systems at the same time.... it could drive you nuts and cause a lot of friction. LOL Any questions just email me!

    Glad all is going so well for you both!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. Glad to see you got the golf cart fixed up.

    As for Streets and Trips, I have the GPS version but I've never used it as I prefer my normal GPS device. The Streets & Trips program itself is the best! I use it all the time to plan our trips short and small.

  8. I am on my third update of Streets and Maps. The first one I bought came with a GPS. It worked fine, but since I use a stand alone GPS, I never felt like having the computer running while actually driving.

    I love the program and use it to plan our trips ahead of time and keep a computer record of how we actually traveled the routes.

  9. Hey, it's Sunday, haven't seen a post since Wednesday. What's up?


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