Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good News

We got an e-mail from the Realtor a little while ago, that they had been given the “clear to close.”

I guess we shouldn’t have gone to then country buffet for lunch and then came home and had a 2 hour nap. Smile

We made another run to the storage shed via the beer store and Al is waiting for Tommy (aka Fred Sanford) to come load up some more freebies.

My kitty sitter Debbie came by earlier and I loaded her up with more cleaning supplies and stuff from the refrigerator and cabinets.  We are really going to have to push it now, but at least we have some motivation.

We have to make another trip to Good Will and the library to drop off some books, but that can wait until tomorrow.

Al called the guy that’s buying the mower.  He still says he wants it and will come Thursday after closing.  As far as we know right now, the closing is 2pm on Thursday.  Our main thing right now is the washer and dryer.  I have an idea for that, now that I think of it.

The buyers wanted to come do a walk through at 9 tomorrow morning, but I put them off until 11 am.  We don’t want them interrupting our coffee time, do we?   We’ve been jumping through hoops for them and I guess that’s my way to rebel. Smile

Wish us luck….we still won’t believe it until the fat lady sings!


  1. And the check is in your hand! I think you can believe it is a go by now though.

  2. Exciting times for you guys...we went through all of that more then three years ago, and haven't looked back!


  3. Do we know the feelings - you are about a week behind us in getting out of the house. Hang in there - time will pass and all is will be well.

  4. "...but at least we have sone motivation." I'm so excited for y'all. It must be a great sense of relief. It'll all come together one way or another.

  5. the 'fat lady is warming up her voice'!..so close!!!

  6. All right, the big moment is just around the corner!

  7. I'm getting everything ready to celebrate on Thursday. So be sure to post as soon as you can so I can get started.


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