Monday, May 09, 2011


Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but unfortunately it wasn’t the case around here.

We find it easier to get and stay motivated when things are progressing with the sale.  Since we are feeling a little more optimistic now, we’re making progress again.  We work better under pressure :)

We spent some more time on time on the closets.  I had already taken out tons of clothes and donated them.  I was surprised that there were still so many things left. 

Through this downsizing process, I am realizing how much money we wasted over the years.  We had clothes we didn’t even remember we had.  We had countless projects that we bought things for, but never  completed.   What a waste. 

We took a load to the storage shed and another truck load to the dump.  We have another load to take to Good Will today.   

The past several years I have been reading blogs about people starting their full timing lifestyle.  I found it interesting and informative.  One thing that pretty much everyone said was to not get a storage shed.  They said you would pay rent for a year or two then end up tossing all the stuff anyway.  I was determined not to have a storage shed, but Al  disagreed.    Well,  now that the time is coming, I have relented and we’re going to have a storage shed.  I admire the people that get the job done without having one, but I don’t know how they do it.  You guys have my utmost admiration!

I managed to finish mowing the pasture yesterday and hopefully it was for the last time!

Al worked on one of his storage sheds and pretty much got it all cleaned up. 

Today we need to “pretty up” the house, in hopes that the appraiser will be coming in the next few days. My brain tells me he won’t really be looking at how pretty things look, but I still feel the need to have it look it’s best.  Unfortunately, all the packing and sorting has made a mess of things.

If we close on the 20th, we have 10 more days!


  1. I predict that within 18 months you will return to the storage shed and dump at least 95% of the stuff and then kick yourself in the butt for having it.

    We had ours for a year before I kick myself.

  2. PalmsRV
    You are probably right!

  3. I know what you mean about wasting money. When we went through all our stuff, I remember thinking the same thing. I think we probably had a smaller place than yours and I always went through our things almost yearly getting rid of things we haven't used but we still had too much stuff that wasn't used when we did our final clearing out. Could have saved so much money. Now we enjoy the very simple and basic life and love it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. I did the same thing. I was horrified at the money we had wasted over the years. But it still felt so good to get rid of the stuff. There's nothing wrong with starting out with the storage. That's what we did. And in about a year or so, we got rid of almost everything that was in storage. But I don't regret it. I felt better knowing it was there just in case. 10 days - definitely the countdown is on.

  5. Good Luck. We are right behind ya.
    We are looking forward to getting out on the road and doing some relaxing!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  6. Having a storage shed for a while seems like a pretty reasonable precaution to me. You just never know what may come up down the road.

  7. We don't have a storage shed but we moved to a condo for a year. It helped doing it in two steps (kind of like having a storage shed) Doing it all in one step is an overwhelming thought.

  8. I have started cleaning out some closets and it is amazing to see stuff that you thought you had to have and then never used. Sounds like things are progressing and you will be on the road shortly.

  9. We decided to rent a house for two months before moving into the motorcoach. We sorted, sold, and gave away all our remaining stuff from there.

    We really thought before moving there that almost everything had been taken care of. Boy, where we surprised when we filled the two car garage with things that were still left over. These final steps are not for sissies! :) You are doing a great job!

  10. Rick is probably right - it's almost like having a little insurance in case something changes. We didn't have a storage building, but I do have a few boxes at relatives. Now that we are on the verge of buying a park model - maybe I should have kept a few more things. Who knew.

  11. Congratulations! You are making great headway. problem--you will figure what works best for you. We are always adjusting...

  12. We will need storage for Craig's 3000 books and all of his records as well!
    I do not want to store any furniture. I know we will probably settle somewhere in a few years, but I want all NEW stuff then!

  13. You are so right about the money that has been wasted over time. Sure would be nice to have it back, but that's life. And all those unfinished projects sounds familiar too.


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