Saturday, May 28, 2011

Possible Changes

We got the foundation work done and inspected Thursday, which was a day ahead of schedule.

Our Realtor said they are now trying to change the closing date to May 31st instead of June 2nd.  Yikes!

We could just request we keep the same date, but we’re afraid to do anything to cause any delays, so we’ll be ready when they are.

We’re trying to kick it into gear and get it all done.  The buyer for the golf cart paid us with the understanding, he will pick it up next week.  He also took a trailer full of junk that Al had given him.  He’s one of these guys that won’t turn down anything free, so Al loaded him up with lots of treasures.  We think he’s a bit of a hoarder.   He got some good stuff, but nothing that we could really sell for much money.  It was a good deal for both of us.  Al filled up his trailer and is wanting him to come back today for more!

A lady came to look at the recliners and she gave me a deposit and will pick them up Monday after she comes back from her camping trip!  Yeah, rub salt in the wounds!

The only big things we haven’t sold are the washer/dryer, desk,  and small lawn mower.  We’re hoping to get them sold this week-end. 


Well, we had our Friday garage sale and made $72.  We got rid of some shelving units and that were taking up space and a few more tools.  We felt good about it, but didn’t sell the little mower, desk or washer and dryer.

The “okay to close” paperwork didn’t get back from the underwriters yesterday, so it doesn’t look like our closing date will be moved up to the 31st.  That’s okay, we were going to make it work if necessary, but now we we’ll have a bit more time.  Right now, we still have to wait for that okay to close, but the tentative closing is scheduled for June 2nd.  I hope the holiday on Monday doesn’t cause any delay. 

Our last garage sale should be today.  We don’t have much left, but if we could just get rid of the washer and dryer, we’d be happy.


  1. Things are really moving along for you. It won't be long now! :)

  2. Just think, in a week you will be house and stuff free. What a wonderful feeling. Fingers crossed the washer and dryer sell today.

  3. Won't be long now. Hope you get rid of the washer and dryer today.

  4. All I can say is I wish it were me!

    We will all do a happy dance for you next week.

  5. Just a few more days. Maybe you can take a little break on Memorial Day. Hard to believe you are almost full-timers and houseless.

  6. It's getting down to the wire now. Glad you are getting rid of things. Soon you will be able to sit back with a big sigh and relax, knowing it is all done.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Almost to the end and this time next week you will be enjoying the start of your new life.


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