Monday, May 30, 2011

It’s the Small Stuff

My brother Steve brought Mom for one last visit.  Mom has always loved our place and hates that we’re selling it.  They only could spend one night, but we had a really nice visit. We sat outside by the motorhome Saturday evening.  It felt like we were at a campground and that felt very, very nice. We put two fans on us to keep us cool and keep the gnats away.  Steve and Al drank too many beers and I drank too much wine.  We had a very nice visit and didn’t go in until after 11 pm. 

Our Saturday garage sale was almost a bust, but we did manage to sell our hydraulic lift table so we felt good about that.  We ended up with only $46 in sales.  The holiday week-end must have been the problem. 

The lady came to pick up the bedroom set yesterday, so that’s one more larger item gone. 

We’ve been working on all the small stuff and that’s getting discouraging.  It seems like it never ends.  We’re hoping the closing will still be on Thursday, but we’re waiting for the “okay to close”, from the underwriter.  I sure hope it doesn’t drag out past Thursday.

We still haven’t decided exactly where we want to go after we leave here.  We’ve about decided against the beach which is southwest of us.  We will play it by ear and see how we feel when the time comes.  We are the type of people that like to just go where the road takes us, and not make a lot of plans.  I guess we’ll see. 

It’s been extremely hot and humid during the day which makes it very difficult to work outside.  The evenings are still cool enough to keep the windows open and the a/c off at night.  That will probably change once we head south.

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all of our service members  and their family (past and present) for your service!


  1. Congrats Karen on selling your house and taking the big step to full-timing. I hope we meet someday in the future on the road. Happy Trails, Sandy

  2. You're almost there, can you believe it? Good luck selling the washer/dryer. I'm doing the same, and if they don't sell, I'll probably just leave them - or you could donate them for the tax write-off. Hope your close is on time. :)

  3. We rarely plan to far ahead. We are leaving our current spot on Wed and still have not decided where to go. We will be looking for some cooler temps and a place not having a forecast that includes severe weather.

  4. Keeping our fingers crossed for that Thursday date. And it will all come together even though sometimes it's hard to see that it will.

  5. Won't be long now, just a few more days. Congrats!

  6. Hope things work out for a Thursday closing!! We'll keep our fingers crossed.
    Glad your mom had a good visit!!


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