Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome Back Live Writer!


Wesley Chapel, Florida (hot and humid)


There is no sense in posting the temperature daily.  It’s Florida in the summer, which means it’s hot, sticky and will more than likely rain somewhere every day for a little while.

Thanks to Rick and Erin for their comments regarding my issue with Live Writer.

Here’s what happened, in case anyone else runs into the same thing.

A few days ago, I got an email from Google telling me there was suspicious activity on my G-Mail account.  It appears someone in Chile tried to hack into my account.  They recommended I change my password. 

My first thought was, how do I really know this email is from Google?   I did not follow any links from the email, but went directly to my Google account, which told me the same thing.

The last time I changed my Yahoo password, I ran into a bit of trouble, so I really didn’t want to change this one, but I decided I had better change this one.

Google gave me the option of having a 2 step verification to make it harder for anyone to get into my accounts.  I had to authorize my computers, net books and Android phone, one time with this 2 step verification code.  The code was sent to my phone.  It worked just fine.  The instructions were clear, short and easy.  There was a list of some programs that might not be compatible with the 2 step verification, but I didn’t see any that I currently used, so I kind of forgot about it.

The first time I tried to post with Live Writer, I got an error message saying they couldn’t log onto my Blogger account.  There was no mention of needing the 2 step verification code, so I tried to log in using my new Google password.  It failed.  Several times!

We were busy getting ready to leave Georgia and then 3 days of driving to get back here, so I didn’t have much time to work on the problem.

Rick and Erin both mentioned in a comment about the two step verification and it got me to thinking.  Sure enough, Live Writer is one of those programs that doesn’t work with the regular two step verification. 

I checked back to the emails I received from Google when I was changing the passwords over, and there was a link to get programs running that weren’t compatible with the regular two step verification.

Here is the information needed to set this up if it comes up for anyone else.   I cannot include the link Google sent me because it was specific to my accounts.  But if you follow the directions, it’s very easy.

So…….Welcome back Live Writer!

Some comments have stated they have always used Blogger and have no problem with it.  All I can say is to try Live Writer once and you probably won’t go back.  That’s what happened to me.  I think it was Rick that suggested it, and once I used it, I never wanted to use Blogger again.   I love Google, but they really could do better on this one.  

Another commenter said they used Blogger, but composed the  blog in a word document then cut and pasted.  Why not just compose the document once…in Live Writer.  No need to take that second step.

So….don’t be afraid (Sherry) to occasionally change your passwords.  There is life after a password change!


I debated on what title I should use for this post.  It was between “Grumpy Guy Part Three” and the one I used.

Yes, I had another day of a grumpy guy.

Only this grumpy guy was closer to home.  Much closer.  : )

Al is going to kill me when he sees this photo.  It was taken a few weeks ago in South Carolina and he was just playing…but this is really what he’s been looking like the past few days……grumpy!

He has had a tooth ache, so he has an excuse, but I”m really getting tired of grumpy people.   To top it off, we went over to visit Mom and she was grumpy too!  Sheesh!

Al went to the dentist yesterday and has another appointment Monday for a root canal, so hopefully that will help his mood. 

oh yeah….he’s going to kill me.


Now that I have LW back and can easily and quickly post pictures, I wanted to post a few more from the Georgia mountains. 

This was a view from Black Rock Mountain State Park.


We went for a half mile hike down to the falls and it about killed us.  I guess it was the elevation. 

black rock mountain

waterfall at black rock mountain state park

The falls were nice, but not spectacular, but there were some beautiful flowers near the falls and that made my day.

I don’t know if these were Mountain Laurel, or Rhododendron?  Sherry???

black rock mountain sp

One other day we made a trip back to the town they call “Alpine Helen.”   It’s a touristy little few blocks with all alpine style buildings.

Helen Georgia

What you don’t see in these photos is the very popular river right across the street.

Tubing is very big this time of year.

river tubing at Helen, GA


river tubing at Helen, GA

While we were watching, we noticed a woman hop out of her tube and walk back up river.  It was only about knee deep, but the water was flowing pretty good and she had some difficulty.  Fortunately, she had on shoes.

river tubing at Helen, GA....rescue

I wondered why she had gotten out of her tube, but soon found out there was a young girl standing in the area before the rapids.   If she had gone over the rapids without a tube, she would probably have been hurt.

I assume that was Mama coming to the rescue.   She got back to the girl, grabbed her hand and tried to help her to shore.  The girl didn’t have on shoes (or a life vest) and was having some trouble. We tried to see how we could help.  There were no life rings on the dock we were standing on.

Finally,  we walked up river.  Mama and the girl had nearly made it to shore, but were having trouble the last few steps up the river bank.  Al walked down to the river bank and held out his hand for the girl.  She was freezing cold, but appeared to be okay.  Mama got out with no problems, probably because she had on shoes.

Lesson learned.  Children should probably be wearing life vests and everyone should have on shoes.


This little guy lived at the campground we where we were staying. The picture was taken through a very dirty window.  We don’t have Chipmunks in Florida, at least not that I’ve ever seen, so he was a treat to watch.



  1. Those are Rhododendron. Mountain laurel blossoms look like small crowns, at least to me.
    Hope Al's root canal is successful so that he can get back to being his smiling self.

  2. Glad you got your live writer back, now you happy. When gets his tooth fixed he be happy.

  3. I LOVE that picture of Al. That is the very same face David gets when he is grumpy.

    I agree with Page. Rhododendron. Although most of the Rhody I've seen in Virginia and North Carolina is purple.

    We should have just gone to the Georgia mountains and skipped New England. All it's done here is rain. Think of the gas we could have saved.

    Love Live Writer too. Thanks for the heads up if I ever have to change my email.

  4. I just can't imagine doing a blog without using Live Writer. I would probably just stop blogging. So glad you got it up and running again. Thanks for the heads up. Problem is I'll forget your instructions by the time I need them.

  5. ahhh. . .Live Writer rocks. . .glad you have it back! Bookmarked the little Alpine Town for when we pass through Georgia on our way back to Texas this fall. . .love that kinda stuff!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  6. Hooray for Live Writer. I'd be lost without it.

  7. I had the same thing happen to my g-mail account. It occurred after I logged onto a campground free WiFi that my computer warned me did not have proper authentication, but I ignored:( Will not do that again.

  8. Good tip on the Live Writer (potential) issue.
    Once upon a time when I used Blogger, I discovered that I had to use that whole "copy/paste" crap one time when we were in Bonn and I had no connection. So after being introduced to Live Writer, that was it for me. If some idea pops into my head, I can start a post, maybe post it later? Maybe not. It's the thing, really.
    Sucks to be grumpy, but that heat would make me a little miserable. And then a tooth ache to boot? Oy.

  9. I had the same look that Al exhibited when I had to get a root canal, followed by the crown. Mostly because of all the $$$$ signs associated with it!!

  10. Great to see your photos back in your blog again. Glad you got Live Writer working again too - it's the best as far as blogging is concerned.

    What was that Mom thinking anyway? That water looked a little rough for her little girl to be in without a life jacket.

  11. Glad to hear LW is up and running. Hope Al's toothache starts feeling better soon.

  12. I, too, had to go with a 2-step verification for my passwords to AOL. After a few days, I'm used to it, and hope it will solve my "hacking" issues. I hope your's does too.

    Karen, this is something I posted in a comment to Sandi and Jim about their Windows 8 issues and I remembered you saying something about that, too. I had problems getting used to 8 and really wanted my Windows 7 again. Then someone told me about Windows Shell. He was a computer geek and put it on his wife's new W8 computer, so I thought the program would be okay, and I downloaded it. It has worked like a charm for me. It brings you the old "look" of Windows 7 and makes it really easy to use again. It's free on-line, and I'll give you the link in case you want to try it.

  13. Good for you getting LW restored. Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it just in case I run into the same problem down the road.

    I laughed at that picture of Al, you are sooo bad!

    Just want you to know I'm not grumpy, I'm happy, happy, happy! :cD

  14. Good to hear your LW is back up and working correctly. Didn't you guys love Black Rock Mountain SP? We visit their regularly-usually take a picnic lunch to the overlook area.Make sure when you come back up you check out Mocassin Creek State Park and Vogel State Park if you didn't.

    1. We're going back as soon as we can. We never made it to Mocassin creek. Hope to see you next trip.

  15. Glad you got live writer back. Maybe after Al gets the tooth fixed you guys will feel like a ride down to St. Pete beach to see our new digs.

    1. We'd love to see your new place! And Grace.


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