Friday, June 28, 2013

In Need of an Ark?


Wesley Chapel, Florida (hot, humid and rainy)


I don’t really have much to blog about since we’re only taking care of business while we’re back in this area, but I’m so happy to have Live Writer back, I just feel the need to post something!  :)

We have been watching the weather and hoping there will not be anything tropical forming (as in hurricane) until we can get out of town.

Next week they are predicting tons of rain for several days because of a cold front stalling right over Florida. Our favorite weatherman has mentioned getting an ark.  Rain isn’t going to be convenient for us next week, but I guess as long as we don’t get anything severe, I can live with it.   


We noticed a leak coming from our Splendide washing machine before we left Tampa.  It wasn’t critical to get it fixed while we were gone and we didn’t take the time to look at it, we we just used the Laundromat.  Al thought it might be the water pump. I was hoping for a loose hose.

The other night, we finally removed the wood panel in the closet and the back panel on the machine.  It wasn’t readily apparent where the leak was coming from, and getting back in there was next to impossible.  We thought it might be a loose water connection and Al tightened the connections as best as he could without removing the machine.  The one leading to the drain hose had a loose clamp, but the hose appeared to be snugged in just fine.   Our local mobile rv repair guy was in the neighborhood yesterday, so we stopped him and asked him about it.  He said since the leak was coming from the right rear corner, it was possibly a water pump.  We went ahead and scheduled him to do the repair, but unfortunately he’s booked up this week, and on vacation next week.  It looks like we’ll be going to the laundry mat for a while longer.   I sure miss my machine!  

We are meeting today with the man that wants to buy Al’s business.  I hope we can get things moving along, so that we can get out of town and back up to the mountains.

Speaking of mountains.  Does anyone have any suggestions for an overnight campground south of Atlanta near I-75?   We would prefer avoiding going through Atlanta, but it appears that’s not an option, so we’re wanting to stay just south of it and possibly traveling through Atlanta on a Sunday.  We’ve heard awful stories about the Atlanta traffic.


Here are a few other pictures from the mountains.  Now that I have LW back, and can quickly post pics!

These were all taken from Paradise Valley Campground.



Rv lots in Paradise Valley, Cleveland Georgia

Rv lots in Paradise Valley, Cleveland Georgia


  1. We haven't spent much time around Atlanta so I have no campground suggestions for you. Hopefully someone will chime in. I like using the laundromat. I take my three or four loads put them in and I'm all done with laundry in about 1 1/2 hours. That works for me. Hope your washing machine fix is a quick and easy one.

  2. I would look at stone mountain, pretty cool old car museum, the carving in the mounting, trolley to the top of the mountain, train around mountain, etc.... oh and they have a campground, and it is just outside of Atlanta.

  3. Wow what a nice RV park! Hopefully Al's business sells fast so you can get up where it's cooler and possible drier! :)

    Great pictures,


  4. I just love your header picture. Beautiful! I should have gotten an ark when I was in Virginia since it rained nearly the whole time we were there and has been raining ever since we hit New England. We are having to skip a kayak on a lovely river because it WON'T QUIT RAINING. And the poor folks out west could sure use all this.

  5. You probably will have a hard time driving an ark around Atlanta... :cD

  6. We stayed at Fair Harbor RV Park in Perry GA on our way south to Florida last December. Easy on/off highway and is a Good Sam discount park.

  7. We have stayed at High Falls State Park right off 75--it's very nice, also Pine Mtn RV Resort is off I85 about an hr from Atlanta as well as FDR State Park.

  8. Beautiful photos! Glad you got live writer back & good luck on the washing machine repair!

  9. How many campgrounds near Atlanta will take an Ark?

    Nice pics.

  10. Ditto on Fair Harbor RV Park in Perry. Great layover park with huge pull-throughs, full-hook-ups, less than a mile off I-75, no noise from the interstate, lovely grounds, and only $18 plus tax with the Passport America discount.

    Love the waterfall header photo--beautiful enough to frame.


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