Monday, June 10, 2013

Mountains and the “T” Word


Cross Hill, SC @ Lake Greenwood Rv Resort, site 62  (high 83, low 67)


Yesterday, was an interesting day…..and not all of it was in a good way.

When we got up and the weather was beautiful and sunny, so we decided to take a day trip.   We are about 100 miles from the mountains, and we had heard that Greenville, SC was a nice place to visit.  Off we went about 10:30, still undecided on where we were going.  So much for an early start!

We finally decided on Greenville.  Here in the south it’s not called “ville”.  It’s pronounced “vull”.   So off to Greenvulle we went.

We drove through their downtown area that is lined with shops, and open air restaurants.  Since it was Sunday, there were people and cars everywhere, and limited parking. 

We drove by a place called Falls Park on the Reedy. 

It looked kind of interesting, but again, too many people and too little parking.

I just Googled it and this is the information I got.

This downtown public garden features the only curved, cantilevered pedestrian suspension bridge in the United States.

Maybe we should have stopped.  That sounded interesting.

Anyway, we drove through Greenville and decided we weren’t too far from Brevard, North Carolina, and there was a campground we wanted to check out.

Of course “not far”  in mountainous areas is different than on flat ground.

We ended up driving on this curvy little mountain road that went right up a mountain.  After driving, and driving, we finally stumbled upon a place to stop called Ceasers Head State Park, which is in South Carolina, but very near the North Carolina border. 

It turned out to be a little gem with a beautiful scenic overlook.

Al at Ceasers Head State Park, SC


Unfortunately, almost as soon as we arrived, it started to rain, so we went back to the car to wait it out.

After a few minutes the rain quit and the sun tried to come out, so we walked back to the overlook and snapped a few more photos.

Ceasers Head State Park, SC

It was a beautiful park, and since we were at 3208 feet elevation, it was nice and cool. The highest peak in South Carolina is 3560 elevation, so we were close.


They have some nice trails with waterfalls, but we weren’t prepared to take even a short hike, since I was wearing flip flops.  Of course the weather was a concern as well.

North Carolina mountain overlook

After we left the park, we still wanted to go to Brevard and check out the campground.

We crossed the North Carolina line.

North Carolina

North Carolina


Not long after we saw these signs, than my weather app on my cell phone went off alerting us to a tornado warning back where the motor home (and kitties) were.

That certainly got our attention.  I looked at the radar and saw a lot of small storms.   This was not a watch (the possibility of tornado) but a warning which usually means there is a tornado on the ground.

This tornado warning said something like “ there are strong storms, with the probability of a tornado forming. The warning covered a large area, but it included our home.

Of course, I started to worry and we headed back towards home.   I had exchanged phone numbers with Peggy and Jay (our neighbors with the pontoon boat) and I gave them a call to check on the weather. The weather was fine at this point.

I was mostly concerned about the cats, but of course I worried about our home as well.  On top of that, we had left our inflated kayaks sitting out, unsecured, so I could just see them blowing away in the wind.  

We headed back home via I-26, and ran into quite a lot of rain on the way back.  I didn’t have cell/internet service for a good portion of the way, so for all I knew, we could have been heading into a tornado. 

The tornado warning lifted at 4:15 and I called Peggy and Jay to see if things were okay.  Fortunately, they were.

We finally got home about 6:30 to discover everthing, including the kayaks were fine.  Jay had moved them beside the motor home and they were wedged between the MH and a hedge.

Our front window shade which is held on by really, really strong magnets, was laying in the bushes though.  My first thought was that when it blew off, it might have damaged the windshield wipers, since they rest on the outside of the sunshade.   They appear to be be fine and we even tested them to make sure they work.

So…..what started out as a beautiful day in the mountains was cut short by a tornado warning.

By the time we got home, it was a little cloudy but nice.  Our plan was to take a walk around the lake and then finish happy hour in the hot tub.

We took a few pictures.

The butterfly bushes are starting to bloom.

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort

There are Japanese Maples all over the grounds.

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort

I understand that the head designers at Park Seed were the ones who landscaped this place.  Mel, the owner reportedly told them he wanted something blooming all the time.  Well done guys!

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort

Day Lilies

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort

Echinacea which is also known as  purple cone flower. 

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort 

After our walk, we refilled our drinks and went down to the hot tub prepared for a nice long soak.  

Unfortunately, the heat had been turned off and the water was cold.   Grrrrrr……   For some reason Mel turns off the heat on rainy days.  : (    So we were out of luck.

There is about an 80% chance of rain today, so I think we’ll stay close to home.  We may leave tomorrow or Wednesday and hopefully head for some place dryer!


  1. I hate a cold hot tub! Glad no tornado came thru.

  2. Beautiful trip. Sorry it was cut short. I have no idea where you'd go on the entire east coast to avoid rain. It sure won't quit here. It was been raining now for all but about 2 days of the two weeks we've been back. I'm disgusted. I've gotten nothing done. Should have skipped it.

  3. That tornado warning would be a nerve wracking experience for sure. Glad everything was mostly o.k.

  4. A nice park and no tornado makes for a nice day:)

  5. Escaping the weather seems impossible these days.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Too bad about the stormy weather and cold hot tub (an oxymoron for sure). Glad everything was fine when you returned to the campsite. Caesars Head sure looks like a beautiful spot.

  7. That looks like a great place. It may be the first trip for the breeze.

  8. I don't know which is worse, a tornado warning or a cold hot tub. Either one certainly can ruin your day. :c(

  9. You should be able to get tornado warnings over your truck radio or maybe carry a battery operated weather radio is the car. My dash radio has the NOAA weather station on it.

  10. Falls Park on the Reedy is BEAUTIFUL! Sorry you missed it. It's a pretty city park with a cool suspension bridge and a great river walk with shops and nice restaurants along the walk. I think I did a blog about it when we visited there. Loved the state park photos.With the weather the way it is, there is really no great place to be at the moment at least on the east coast! We're getting the heat and humidity in Florida. It rained for about 8 straight days, but now we've got the heat and humidity back.


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