Friday, June 21, 2013

Waterfalls and a Scenic Drive

Cleveland, Georgia (high 82, low 62)

Thanks to Erin and Rick for their suggestions on how to get Windows Live Writer back onboard.  Unfortunately, even when I try to update Live Writer with my new password it gives me a message saying, "the blog cannot be accessed using the specified user name and password."

I'm certain I entered the correct user name and password.  It works on all my Google accounts, but for some reason it won't link to Live Writer.  I'm extremely frustrated because I really hate posting my blog through Blogger.  It takes forever to upload photos and it's not as user friendly.   

I'll keep messing with it, but in the meantime any and all suggestions are appreciated!

(I don't know why I get this white background when I cut and pasted, but this is another reason I hate to post the blog using Blogger.)

I also noticed my pictures aren't coming out well either.   What's up with that??

We've been real busy every single day exploring the area.  There is so much to see and do here that we've not really done justice to anything.  We've  done quick tours of a lot of many places, saying to ourselves that we'll come back again when we have more time.   

I've lost track of the days, but of course I've taken tons of pictures.  I want to share some of them because it's so incredibly beautiful up here right now.   They have had a lot of rain and everything is so green and lush.   The temps are 10 degrees cooler than in Florida and the humidity isn't as bad, so we've really enjoyed the cooler days.   We've done some short hikes and since they are in the forests, it's really very pleasant even though the temperature has been in the low 80's.

We drove some beautiful back roads from Blairsville to Hiawassee.  The lush vegetation on the rolling hills and valleys,  is incredibly beautiful.

They grow a lot of corn and hay around here.  They say the bears like to raid the corn fields.

The hay is a light golden color when it's growing and when they mow it, it leaves a beautiful green field in it's place.    I don't know which is more beautiful.

You can see this house in the valley with the mowed grass by the house and the hay in the fields surrounding it.

We've done some hiking in the lush green forests.  It's shady and cool and there is usually a stream beside you.

We did a short hike at Desoto Falls.  There were two trails to choose from.  We chose the lower/shorter trail.  We'll go back and do the upper trail soon.   According to the sign, a piece of armor was found nearby that is thought to have belonged to Hernando Desoto or one of his fellow explorers.

There are so many waterfalls around here, that it would take a long time to visit them all.  We heard that Anna Ruby Falls is not to be missed, so we went there yesterday.

As it turned out, we had to go up the mountain to Unicoi State Park.  You have to go through Unocoi to reach Anna Ruby Falls.   We didn't take the time to explore Unicoi.  They have a campground, but we didn't see it this time.  I can tell you that the road to the campground was very steep.  We saw a large motorhome coming down, so I guess it's do-able.  We'll go back another time.  It's a lovely park.

After you go a few miles down Unicoi road, you get to a gate for Anna Ruby.  As it turns out, they accepted Al's national Senior pass, so we didn't have to pay the $3.00 each to enter.

What an amazing place this was!

It's a short  4 tenths of a mile up a paved trail.   That's the first paved trail I've been on and it was kind of nice.  It was pretty steep, but you didn't have to watch your feet all the time to avoid tripping.    It was probably a good thing because the entire trail was along a very fast moving stream with a lot of smaller waterfalls, and many good photo ops.

It was very shady and cool in the forest setting.  With all the rain lately, the water was really moving.

The sound of the rushing water was with you the entire way, getting stronger and stronger as we neared the main waterfalls.

There is another 5 mile trail that takes you back to Unicoi State Park.  I imagine it would be pretty strenuous.

I have some other photos I would like to share, but it is taking me so long to upload each of these pictures via Blogger, that I will have to do it later.....if I can ever get Live Writer working again.


  1. I totally and completely concur with your assessment of posting on Blogger. . .once you ever post on Live Writer you never want to go back. . .

    It seems as though mine did that once. . .but after a couple of days came back online fine. . .hope it hurries up and straightens itself out for you. . .

    Looks like a great day of sightseeing. . .

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  2. thanks Janice. I was kind of thinking that might happen. I sure hope so. I don't think I'll be posting as many pictures as long as I'm doing it via Blogger!

  3. I feel your pain, I gave up posting on Blogger, too. Got tired of waiting and waiting for pictures to load. When you are on a MiFi with a certain amount of GBs, you don't want to waste any time.

    Hope you get the password thing sorted out, I hate to see you pulling your hair out over it. Plus, we love to see all your pictures. :c)

  4. I know what you are going through. I had to use Blogger for a short time and just about lost my mind!!! If Erin and Rick can't help you solve the problem, no one can.

    That areas looks so lovely. I love waterfalls. I have bookmarked this area as a side trip when we get back to GA area. Should be next spring.

  5. I have never used Live Writer. I use blogger because that is all I have ever used. I agree it is slow on the downloads except when we use the hotspot and have 4G LTE. They fly then.

  6. You get the white background when you copy and paste. If you highlight the text in blogger you can change the white to the same as your page color.

  7. I must be the odd man out with blogger. It always works the first time and the pictures load very quickly. I prepare the text in a word document and simply paste it in blogger??

  8. I usually have no problem with blogger. I tried Live Writer once and it completely froze my laptop and took some doing to get back to normal. I never downloaded it again after I got rid of it.
    The waterfalls are wonderful!

  9. Sure love the lushness of this area, hiking near water always seems more enticing to me, especially headed to a beautiful waterfall.

    Have you tried reinstalling Live Writer? Seems like I had to do that once and my error messages disappeared.

  10. Sorry, the suggestion didn't work.

    have you tried deleting your existing LW connection to Blogger and setting up the blog from scratch as though you were a new LW user. Just a thought.

  11. Oh I can really see myself in this same frustrating position if I ever have to change my password. I don't even remember how to use blogger. I might just give up blogging. I don't have your sticktoitiveness. (Is that a word). Hikes to waterfalls are my very favorites as perhaps you've noticed lately. What a great area you are in for those. Your pictures are terrific.

  12. Glad ya'll are getting to see the mtn area of Ga.

  13. Wow! nice trails! Seems the trails in the east are well maintained and awesome for hiking!


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