Thursday, June 06, 2013

Waiting For Andrea


Cross Hill, South Carolina

We were up early this morning still undecided as to where we would be going in our attempt to stay away from tropical storm Andrea.  We spent last night just off the coast of South Carolina, near Charleston, and were in a tropical storm watch area.  Just what we had been trying to avoid.

We decided to head up I-95 to I-26 and either go to Cross Hill, SC, or keep going another 60 miles to Asheville, NC.

The weather was okay, with just a few light sprinkles, and yes, the nut held, so the wipers stayed on!  Yea!

After some debate, we decided we would stay in South Carolina and head to a beautiful resort we had heard about, called Lake Greenwood MotorCoach Resort.

We had about a 150 mile drive, and it was all interstate until  the last 15-20 miles.

It’s a privately owned resort, but you can rent sights for either $49 or $59 a night.  If you really like it here, you can buy a site starting at $49k.  Of course the best sites are the ones for $89k.

We met Mel at  the office and he  guided us to one of the nicest sites.   It’s an owned site, but I’m pretty sure it was one of the $89k sites.

Here is our view outside our front window.  Yes, it is that green.

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort

It’s a pull in forward site and there is a nice little deck in the front of the site, with a gorgeous view of the huge lake.

Oh, if you buy one of the $89k sites, you get a free pontoon boat!

Everything is so green and lush and the landscaping is amazing.  It truly does look like a resort, unlike many rv “resorts”.

The roads are terraced, to make the most of the beautiful views.

This is a shot looking up the hill at motor home on the left.

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort

After setting up, we took a drive into town and got a few groceries.  There doesn’t appear to be too much to do around here, other than the lake, but we’ll find out for sure before we leave.  It’s a beautiful natural finger lake and is  huge, with something like 220 miles of shore line, if I remember correctly.

When we got back from town, we both planned on taking a short nap.  Al has a ball game he wants to watch tonight and we have not gotten much sleep the past few nights that we’ve been running away from the storm.  As soon as we got back and looked at our beautiful site, we decided to skip the nap.  It was just too beautiful to sleep.

We met our very nice neighbors, Peggy and Jay? and their two cute dogs.  They invited us out for a ride in their pontoon boat as soon as the weather clears up!   How nice was that?   If  there is a boat involved, we’re ready.  I guess we’ll have to stay at least a few more days.

We  sat out on our deck for a while and noticed a lot of bird activity nearby.

There are a lot of bird nest boxes around and we were able to  see Mr. Bluebird going in to feed the kids.


Watching to make sure no one is looking.


This should have been “the end” shot.


and here he comes back out.


We took a walk around and saw a lot of interesting birds.


This one was having a bath.



This Robin posed for quite a while.


Bluebirds are everywhere.


The landscaping around here is amazing.  Every where I looked is some new and beautiful plant.

Lake Greenwood Rv Resort



I can’t wait to get some photos when the sun is actually shining.

We haven’t dodged the bullet as far as the storm yet.  She made landfall in Florida and is currently heading up the east coast, right towards us.  We’re hoping she’ll stay near the coast and away from us.  We expect rain tonight, but I guess as long as we don’t have winds or tornados, I can deal with the rain.

It has been a bit stressful trying to stay ahead of the storm for the past three days, but we feel we made the right decision.  It was ugly in the area we were at and Florida got at least 10 small tornados.  That is not what I want to deal with, if I can avoid it.  My nerves can’t take it.

Right now, it’s nice not having to go anywhere tomorrow.   We’ve done everything we can do to stay away from the storm, so whatever happens now, happens.  I just might be tired enough to sleep through a storm tonight!


  1. Those are beautiful sites and that is definitely what I would call a resort. But for those prices it had better be. Hopefully the storm stays a ways out and all you get is rain. Sleep well tonight.

  2. It sure looks like nice sites. Relative to what they want in some other places-49-89K is not that bad. In our case, we just thought we would never get our monies worth since the object was to travel not to sit in one spot. I can see it if your main plan is to spend a lot of time in one area.

  3. What a gorgeous park and so many woderful birds.... I would love it there!!!
    Have fun & Keep safe

  4. I agree. You have done everything you could. This place looks like a wonderful place to sit out a storm. Good luck in the next few days. I'll be thinking about you.

  5. Gorgeous bluebird pictures. They are among my very favorites. Come on up to the Virginia foothills. All we've got is what seems like never ending rain. How did Quail Run fare??

    1. Not sure about Quail Run but there were tornado threats so I am glad we weren't there.

      We'd love to go up to Virginia but we're tired of driving. I think we did 600 miles in three days and it almost killed us!

  6. $89K for a site, with a pontoon boat thrown it? Surprised you didn't jump at the chance and buy two. I know how much you love boating. ;c)

    600 miles in three days? Slackers! :cD

  7. I agree with the others - it looks like a beautiful RV Resort. Nice bird pics too.

    Sure hope Andrea doesn't catch you!

  8. Had to laugh at the bird bath :-) Glad you guys are safe.

  9. Real nice resort but a little pricey for our tastes.
    Looks like you are doing a good job dodging Andrea!

  10. Looks like a great place to avoid a storm. It was a little hairy here yesterday. I was glad we were not in the rig.

  11. Glad you left FL. It's been bad in Jacksonville, but clear here today. We are headed to Lake Greenwood RV Resort this summer. What site are you in? I love the view! Hope the rest of the storm misses ya'll.

  12. We got an inch of rain overnight, gusts of around 20 this morning. Not too bad here along the coast of the Lowcountry.

  13. lovely spot you landed in. . .can't wait to see pic on your pontoon boat ride. . .

  14. well gosh if they give you a pontoon boat I'll take two lots ;)

  15. That header photo looks familiar :-)) Welcome to Cross Hill. We were hunkered down through the rain most of the day. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow ... so perhaps we will have a nice day before we take off Sunday. Will wander up the hill when we get a break from chores tomorrow and see if we can find you to say hi.


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