Thursday, June 20, 2013

21 Seconds, Helen and Waterfalls

Cleveland, Georgia,  (high 81, low 61)

this post was supposed to go out yesterday, but I had a few issues that I still haven't worked out.

When I got onto the computer yesterday morning I saw an email from Google telling me someone from Chile had tried to hack my account and they recommended I change my password.  I did, but for some reason Live Writer keeps sending me a message saying "Windows Live Writer can't log on to the remote server using the user name and password."

I changed my Blogger password and tried to log back on to Live Writer, but I keep getting the same error message.  

So this morning, I am having to try to post this blog via Blogger.....and I hate posting through Blogger!!!!

I tried the cut and paste method and that was real fun since it didn't paste the photos.


Al is a big Miami Heat fan and has been watching the playoff for what seems like forever.  :)
We’ve had quite a few early mornings and long days, so Al is struggling to stay awake to watch these games.       With 21 seconds to go and Miami was down 5 points, Al  he went to bed, not wanting to watch the victory celebration by the Spurs.  As it turns out, a lot happened in that last few seconds because the Miami Heat ended up winning the game and Al missed it!

On Monday, we drove to the city of Helen, Georgia.  It’s also called Alpine Helen. 
It’s your typical touristy little town, with lots of little shops and restaurants.

from the web:

In the late 1960’s, Helen was revitalized from a remote mountain community into a replica of a quaint Alpine Village located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Helen is 15 miles off Highway 365/I-985 and located an hour and a half north of Atlanta via I-85 or GA Hwy. 400. Currently, Helen is one of the top tourist destinations in the state.

Helen was definitely an interesting place to see, but we weren’t overwhelmed by it.  It might be more fun in the fall when they have more activities.

We are learning that this area is loaded with fun and touristy things to do.  It would take years to see and do all of what this area has to offer.

We are close to the Appalachian trail, but there are many, many other trails and waterfalls in any direction you choose to go.  The scenery is beautiful, but their main tourist season is October for the fall colors.  We certainly intend to be here then.

Yesterday, we hung around the house a while to see what the weather was going to do.  It had been raining off and on and we didn’t want to cross Blood Mountain in a downpour.  We ended up back in Blairsville, then over to Hiawassee for lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  The restaurant is across the street and up the hill from a huge lake.  What a beautiful view. It was pretty cloudy and rainy, so I didn’t get any pictures.  Next time!

The drive from Blairsville to Hiawassee was incredible.  Rolling hills, mountains and beautiful green valleys.

Since it was raining, this next picture is the best I could get.  We will be back there too!

After a wonderful Mexican lunch, we headed back towards Cleveland.  We saw a sign for Tallulah Gorge State Park, and  took a detour.  By this time it was after 5pm, so we didn’t get to see much, but it was worth our $5 entrance fee.

There are some  strenuous hiking trails to the falls.

It started off easy with nicely padded trails.

A sign of things to come

We took a short walk out to the waterfall viewing area, but to really see them, you need to hike down the 3 million stairs.   One day, we will do that. 

We haven't decided when we'll be leaving.  We'd love to stay until November, but Al has to get back to Tampa to finalize the sale of the business, so I guess we'll be leaving soon.  

We will sure hate to leave!


  1. When I set up Live Writer, I remember telling it to remember my Blogger password so I wouldn't have to enter it every time I wanted to post something. If you changed your Blogger password, you probably have to log in again from Live Writer with your new password before you can post with LW. I don't have LW on this laptop, otherwise I'd try to point you to the specific panel, but I think it is under settings or preferences or something like that.

  2. Can you go back after you sell the business and stay for a couple of months? I can't get Live Writer to download to my new computer so I'm still fighting with it. I hate this.

  3. Helen reminds me a lot of Leavenworth in Washington State. Your pictures are very nice. Hope you get Live Writer figured out. I have never used it so I'm of no help.

  4. Be sure and ride the tubes in Helen. Great fun. Go up Brass Town Bald Mountain for fantistic views.

    1. We saw a lot of tubers, but it's a little chilly for us right now.

  5. You would think by this time in computer history things would be easier. But no, they get more complicated. Then there was the news article that said in the near future, we'll be able to operate our computers by just thinking, using our brains. I'll really be in trouble then... ;c)

    Beautiful pictures of Helen, quite a change from Florida.

    1. I agree Paul. My cell phone does an update and then everything changes. It drives me crazy because I've not changed anything on my own.

  6. If you like German food try
    Edelweiss German Country Inn
    351 Duncan Bridge Rd
    Sautee Nacoochee GA 30571
    United States
    Tel: +1 (706) 865-7371

    About 4 miles south of Helen, it's been about 6 or 7 years since we were there but the food was great and reasonably priced at lunch.

    1. Don't think I've ever eaten German food.

  7. also if you are a fan of the Band of Brothers Series you have to go to Toccoa and visit the Currahee Military Museum, this is where Easy Co did all their training and is an outstanding museum. With the Museum and other sites, Toccoa Falls and the site of the dam busting, whats left of Camp Toccoa and other things this would be an all day stop.

    1. Thanks for the tip. We are fans of the Bands of Brothers series and we'll definitely make a point of visiting Taccoa the next time we're here and have more time.

  8. Looks like you've found a second home here. Definitely a beautiful area. Winters in Florida and summers in your mountain spot??? Good luck to Al getting everything wrapped up with the business. Then you really will be free to come and go as you please.

  9. Looks like a beautiful area there. We really like the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are so many scenic places along the parkway. We have to go and see those waterfalls next time we are in that area.


  10. The Live Writer issue is sure frustrating. Thanks for persevering in spite of it. Looks like some real pretty places in the Georgia mountains. Hope you can get back there to enjoy more of these places real soon.

  11. I'm not sure if you've done this yet, Karen, but you'll have to update Live Writer with your new blogger password.

    To do this in Live Writer, click on File > Options > Accounts then select your blog and click on Edit. Enter in your new password and click on Update Account Information.

    You should be ok then.

    1. I tried that Rick and it keeps telling me "the blog cannot be accessed using the specified user name and password." I"m certain I put the correct new password and user name in.

  12. That is such a beautiful area, nice that you are enjoying it.
    There is no Live writer for a Mac so I just do postings in Blogger, never had a problem. I guess its what you get used to.


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