Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elvis Has Left the Building


Cleveland, Georgia – Paradise Valley Rv Park ( high 85, low 60)


We left South Carolina yesterday morning for a 163 mile drive up to Cleveland, Georgia, which is in the northern Georgia mountains.

I was apprehensive about driving the motor home up  steep and curvy narrow mountain roads, but the route we took was all good roads with no steep drop offs!   We’re only at about 1600 elevation.

We landed at Paradise Valley Campground.  It’s a lovely campground with all privately owned lots. You can either buy or rent a lot or cabin.

We are renting from one of the owners and are in lot #69.  We are considering purchasing a Rv lot in this area, so we made a deal to rent their lot while we’re here.  The lot owners have recently purchased another lot here and are currently traveling out west.  Many of the owners we met own multiple lots, it seems.

They made arrangements with neighbor John, to meet us at the gate, to let us in and to give us a “clicker.”   He led us in to our site.  We made the mistake of not unhooking the toad when we should have and had some issues with that, but we finally got parked.

Our other issue was that for the first time since we’ve had it, our Directv antenna could not pick up a signal.  Too many trees.  John came to the rescue with an antenna, but we haven’t had the time to see if it will work.

After we got set up John called to invite us to a campground function at a local winery.  It turns out there are a lot of winery’s in this area.  They were having wine tasting, snacks and entertainment.

We decided to run into town for a very late lunch.  When we got into the restaurant we spotted a couple having a meal.  He was wearing shorts, but still looked very much like Elvis with the black hair and long sideburns.

Al was sitting with his back to him, and after a few minutes, he asked if Elvis was still there.  I looked up and noticed he was gone and of course I said…… “Elvis has left the building.”

We went back “home”  looked around the campsite a little and took a few pictures.

This is a lovely and huge place.  You can easily get lost (and we did) around these curvy campground roads.

We have a pull in forward site.  Our front is looking out up a slight slope that leads to the pool and clubhouse.  It’s pretty private.

Paradise Valley CG, Cleveland Georgia

There is a long rock drive that leads to a concrete slab.  To the right/patio side is a raised deck that has a nice sized screen room attached.  It has indoor/outdoor carpeting, a ceiling fan and lights and tons of electrical outlets.  In front of that is a nice sized shed, also hooked up with electricity.


The outdoor lighting is set on a timer and it made it look very nice.

Paradise Valley CG, Cleveland Georgia

The screen room would be nice for morning coffee and times where there are mosquito's keeping you inside.

Al is setting up his birdfeeder in the next picture.  We have heard and seen a lot of birds.

Paradise Valley CG, Cleveland Georgia

I seem to have had a spot on my lens.  Sorry.

Baxter got to go for a ride in his stroller.  He was excited to see a few rabbits.


At about 6pm, we headed up to the winery for the get together.  What nice people!  It seemed that many of them knew we were coming and they rolled out the welcome mat for us.  You couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people.

After we were there a few minutes, but who should walk in but the same “Elvis”  we saw at dinner.  He was wearing the same clothing,but after doing a sound check, he left for a while.  A few minutes  later he came back and looked like this.



Again…sorry for the spot on my lens. 

Elvis was very good and put on a great show for us.   After he sang for a while we left, but I guess the party continued on with a DJ and some very happy wine drinkers!

We were a bit tired, so we came back and did a short walk around the park.  We saw two rabbits and a hummingbird came to about 3 feet from where I was admiring a flower. 

This morning, I’m going out camera in hand to take some photographs of this lovely place.  

Blue hydrangeas!   Wow!


Paradise Valley Rv park, Cleveland GA


Paradise Valley Rv park, Cleveland GA


Another beautiful lot with cabin and Rv.

Paradise Valley Rv park, Cleveland GA

flowers everywhere

Paradise Valley Rv park, Cleveland GA

We’re off to Blairsville today.  I’m sure I’ll have a lot more pictures tomorrow!


  1. So nice to explore new places and see new faces, enjoy.

  2. A beautiful park. And I am really proud of you for driving up the mountain and that it wasn't too bad. A little practice and self confidence and you'll be ready to come out west to the mountains.

  3. This park along with the last one, look like great ownership parks. I wonder how many other nice places like this are out there. How did you find these?

    1. We just looked for Rv lots for sale and found these here in Georgia.

  4. That site is awesome. You are indeed "living the good life". Wow.
    Personally though, I'd probably give "Elvis" a pass. I wasn't even all that keen on Elvis 1.0.

  5. Love the Georgia mountains! Lived in Atlanta for 10 yr., not many places we didn't explore in the mountains. Tent camped, hiked a lot of trails, beautiful area to spend time. Look forward to seeing your pictures. Enjoy the mountains!

  6. What a nice man John is to invite you to an outing. Sounds like you two fit right in.

    Great story about Elvis. Who would have guessed he would be your entertainment for the night.

  7. Glad to hear you are cooling off in such a nice place. Baxter looks great in his stroller.

  8. A phenomenal camp site! And Elvis, too? I bet you're having a hard time not swooning! :cD

  9. I agree that is a lovely region of GA. Hope it is a little cooler there.

  10. Looks like a very nice RV campground.


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