Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google Earth Questions


Cross Hill, SC,  Lake Greenwood Motorcoach Resort, (high 95, low 66)


Yesterday was a hot here in South Carolina.  It seems to me it gets hotter up here than it does in Florida.

Our evening trip to the hot tub, turned out to a trip to the pool instead.  They have a beautiful  pool here that was just the perfect temperature.

Earlier in the day, we took what was supposed to be a short trip into town, but ended  up doing  little sightseeing.

Most of you have heard of Park Seed and Nursery,  and I’ll bet we’ve all had their catalogs.  They are supposed to be located  in the city of Greenwood.   The GPS pointed us to a dead end, so we never did find them.  We thought we would find a nice little park like setting where we could walk around and look at pretty landscaping.   Of course, the head designers at Park Seed did the landscaping for Lake Greenwood Rv Resort, so I guess we’re seeing all those pretty plants and designs every day!

After another stop at Ryan's Buffet (yes that makes 2 days in a row), we discovered downtown Greenwood.  What a pretty downtown area they have and June is the month for their flower festival.


There were beautiful topiaries, most of which were covered in live flowers and plants.

Here is the SC college mascot.  A Gamecock.  See his cute little beak and feet?


The red is made from lots of red begonias.


And here is King Kong.


and an old car.



After we ate lunch, we ended up at a National Historic Site called  “96”.

It was the site of the first southern battle of the Revolutionary War.  The loyalists were defending the star shaped fort against the patriot forces  which were led  by General Nathanael Green.  Although the patriots lost, the victorious loyalists abandoned this post soon after the battle and moved further towards the coast.

It was a lovely park with a lot to see and do, however it was so darned hot, that we made it a quick trip. Unfortunately, the visitor center was closed yesterday, so we had to learn what we could outside in the 95 degree heat.

It was a beautiful area with a lot of huge and fragrant pine trees.  It’s a place we’d enjoy going back to on a cooler day.


Thanks for all the comments and suggestions from yesterday’s post.  We have decided to head to Cleveland, Georgia, which is in the north Georgia mountains.   I have it mapped out on Microsoft Streets and Trips as well as our truckers GPS.

I checked Google Earth and it looks like we should be able to get there without too many frazzled nerves.  :)

I have not figured out how to get the elevation to show, like George and Suzie suggested.  I tried adding a pushpin which indicates you can get elevation, but I was unable to figure out how to make it work. 

Any suggestions on showing elevation on Google Earth? 

I do have a phone app called Get Altitude.   You can get the elevation from where you are currently at or search a new location.  It’s great, but having it on Google Earth would be more convenient….if I could make it work!

We had planned on heading to Cleveland today, but there is a cold front pushing through with the probability of severe weather.  You know me.  If I can avoid bad weather, I will certainly try.  Al lets me make all the decisions regarding weather.  (and the reason for that is because he got us caught 25 miles offshore in our boat during terrible storms and lighting.)

Actually, he did that twice and the second time was when he told me that from then on, he told me I was in charge of weather decisions.

So….another day hanging out here in the beautiful Lake Greenwood Resort.  There are certainly worse places to be and it’s nice we can be flexible.


  1. Karen on Google earth move your cursor along the roads you want and you will notice the elevation and gps locations change along the bottom of the map, works pretty cool. I will send you an email.

    1. found it!! Thanks George. I had some tour stuff showing on the bottom of my maps which blocked the gps and elevation info, but I finally found it once you told me where to look.

    2. Thats great, it does help when planning to tour new places.

  2. I surely know about being out in offshore storms...

  3. No sense rushing to get out of the lap of luxury. :)

  4. the topiaries were great. . .I just love beautiful landscaping.

    I'm learning about Google Earth along with you. . .

  5. I sort of thought the S.C. heat might get to you when it was 92 in our foothills. We are heading north to get out of the H-H-H that has taken over Virginia and I suspect all parts south. Good luck with those Georgia Mountains. Hope it's cooler there.

  6. I am sure second guessing our decision to not get a house with a pool:(


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