Thursday, June 06, 2013

Day Three on the Road


St. George, South Carolina

We had some pretty heavy rains last night, but they didn’t appear to be a part of Tropical Storm Andrea.  I was awake watching the radar and reports on Facebook.   You can really get some great info on Facebook and it’s a wonderful resource if you are traveling and don’t get local tv stations.  Our local meteorologist is on Facebook and when the weather is bad, he never sleeps, so you can always get current updates from him.  Of course, he only gives local reports, but it is still helpful.

The storm is strengthening with some talk of the possibility of it reaching hurricane status.  We’re so glad we left, but I don’t know if we are far enough away.   It appears to be covering a huge area.  There were some tornados last night with some minor damage in Florida.  Jeannie and Eldy were probably getting a bit concerned last night…..if they stayed awake that is.  :)

The plan for today is to head about 150 miles further inland, to hopefully get out of it’s path.

Another day of traveling….oh goody!


  1. We are hunkered down in a hotel in Pinellas county. We did not even know it stormed until we turned on the TV this morning. It looks like Wesley Chapel got hit pretty hard. Good luck finding a dry spot.

  2. Hope you can get out if harm's way and get some sleep. Can you call friends at Quail and see what happened??

  3. Be safe, Karen and Al.

    The storm track has it tracking inland with the center going over the St. George area tonight (Thursday). We're to the east of the "eye" in Charleston, so we'll get a lot of rain and they are estimating that wind gusts will be up to 40 mph. Right now, it is gloriously sunny.

  4. Sure hope you guys don't get hit where you are. Hope everybody else is safe also.

  5. We were right in that area in 2011 when Irene was making her way up the coast. . .we kept doing the exact same thing you are doing. . .trying to move out of reach. . .we managed to stay a couple of days ahead of it. . .the beach business owners at Myrtle Beach were not happy about the camera crews. . .called them vultures. . .and said they were just scaring people away due to the number of vacation cancellations. . .it was a very interesting insight from a different perspective!

  6. You're getting close to us, just west of Columbia, SC. A little rainy, but no winds.

    We're heading to Myrtle Beach on Sunday, looks like everything will be past there by then. We hope!

  7. Makes me think of the expression that you can run but not hide, safe travels!

  8. Can't drive north far enough it as it looks now. Keep safe!


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